Why Do Atheists Like to Write on Christian Forum Topics?

I don't know about you, but every time I go on a hub forum to discuss a Christian theological issue, mean-spirited Atheists fill the airwaves or thread waves. Why is this the case? They don't believe in God. They could care less about God. So why care about my forum topic? It should be irrelevant to them.

Before I go any further, I would like to say that there are civil Atheists out there who have engaged me in some very healthy debate. I raise a toast to you. I appreciate your honesty and kindness. Thank you. The majority of them on the forums, however, are meaner than a Hawaiian mongoose cornered in a lava tube with fangs flared out in fiery rage. That's pretty hot.

Maybe many could say the same about some Christians? I wouldn't doubt it. We all belong to the same species called the human race. We all have a dark side. We all sin.

Please understand, I am not asking Atheists to stop writing on Christian forum topics, but instead explain why they want to write on a topic that is so irrelevant to them. In previous forum discussions many of them (Atheists) said Atheism is not a step of faith but a non-isssue that requires no thought whatsoever. Not believing in God was as irrelevant as not believing in pink unicorns.

Yet, the vitriol and anger directed toward me and other Christians proves that it is not an irrelevant topic. Anger shows that it does have great import, that it does strike some emotional chord, that it does have meaning. Is it anger against God? is it anger against hypocrisy in the church? Is it anger at being told there is right and wrong? Or is it just fun to trash people?

Whatever the case, we argue over a step of faith. They have taken a leap of faith to believe there is no God. I have taken a leap of faith to believe there is a God. They have their evidence. I have mine. I personally do not have enough faith to be an Atheist. The argument from design, first causes, morality, and creation are too strong for me. Also, promises in the Bible have proven true 100 percent of the time for me. My life has changed for the good. There is nothing like personal experience. Maybe they can say the same for their unbelief in God. That's fine.

However, to be angry at Christians for being hypocrites and thus not believe in God is down right foolish. Every person on the planet has the propensity to sin and to sin boldly, even so-called Christians. It's like saying to another human being, "Hey, you're human!" We are just stating the obvious. Could it be that God gave us free choice in the matter and many chose to sin? It's no one's fault but our own. Why does God get the blame for our stupidity? That just doesn't make sense.

I personally believe there are decent people in every religion or belief system. It just strikes me as odd for Atheists to write on Christian hub topics with such vehemence when they believe the topic of God is irrelevant.

I guess it's better than no one writing on your topic. However, I could do without the character assassination from both parties. This is just my opinion.

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IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Interesting perspective.... maybe they feel the same about us.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Maybe they do. Yes, I got a little testy on this hub; however, this is mild in comparison to the stuff flying around on the forums. Thank you for your comment.

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Yes I completely agree.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Bless you intimatEvolution.

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 5 years ago

Minstrel, you are right and this has been remarked on by several on hubpages. In my hub on the "Freedom from Religion" I remark on how bizarre it is for people to define themselves by what they are not.

They protest too much. Jesus was right when he said that they hated him before they hated you. They had "God issues" long before they started attacking the faithful. It's a power thing for them. Note how they have to dominate the religion forums in being the top posters.

If you will notice, they attack Christian theists and rarely do they attack Islam. I think that is because they fear Islam but do not fear Christianity.

Personally, I think that Christians need to be tougher in their writing on these forums. They need to go on the offense. The Bible says, "a soft word turneth away wrath," but it also says "stripes for the fool's back." A man that is a fool will not be deterred by a soft answer. He has to be confronted.

I'm glad you've written a hub about this. I think some others have done the same. I'm pretty confident you will find this phenomenon on other sites as well.

SteveMacken profile image

SteveMacken 5 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

Wow... what a sweeping generalisation...

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Thank you Bibowen for your encouragement. Yes, we need to get tougher. Islam does scare people, but if they believe in Atheism then they should stand up for it. They shouldn't cower at the crescent moon. Thank you.

SteveMacken, I only meant the mean spirited Atheists. Forgive me if you are not in this bunch. Yes, I have friends who are kind, loving, and don't believe in God. I cherish those friends. I cherish good discussion.

SteveMacken profile image

SteveMacken 5 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

Thank you for allowing my comment and responding as you have. I can speak for none but myself but as you cherish good discussion allow me to try not to be a mean spirited atheist and respond.

There are many reasons why atheists feel the need to engage directly with theists in the fora, the principle reason, in my opinion, is because they feel besieged. Besieged in a world where to admit to atheism is to end a political career, a teaching career, a medical career, in fact, the Pew Institute did research that showed that the majority of US citizens would trust a Muslim before they would trust an atheist, and this research was conducted after 9/11.

The civil rights of atheists are being denied by the fundamentalist Christian lobby and the erosion of those rights is increasing slowly but surely, year after year. The irony of the situation would be funny if it were not so tragic an infringement of the constitution.

Atheists, secularists, humanists, anyone who does not believe in a god or gods, are distrusted and considered immoral yet, if the accusation of immorality were true, there would be a disproportionate percentage of this demographic within the US prison system; the irony is, the opposite is true according to the US Department of Corrections.

Why Christians and nor Muslims? I can assure you that atheists find all religions equally illogical but Islam is not the religion that represents the majority of US citizens, the House, the Senate or the White House. It is not fear of Islam but a fear of the ever increasing theocratisation of the US.

Apologies for any typographical errors etc., it's late at night here and I'm using an iPhone to make this post and I can't edit easily.

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

It is of my opinion that we should consider being more patient and tolerant of those who challenge our beliefs. Remember Christ and his peaceful protest on the cross when he prayed,"forgive them father..." We'd all would be better disciples of our religion, and true representatives of Christs'.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author


First of all, I want to wish you the warmest aloha from Hawaii. I agree. Let me share my heart with you in regards to my last hub article. I believe there is a place for straight forward, honest truth. I am not a warm fuzzy kind of guy. I'm more like James in the book of James. I have forgiven them. I pray for them. I shoot straight. A lot of my Christian friends cringe when I talk, but they cannot fault my heart. I would give the shirt off my back to the downtrodden, but to the proud, I bring the hammer. That's just me. I love Jesus. I love truth. I love hunting bird with my shot gun and eating steak on an open grill. Bless you IntimatEvolution. I love your heart. Aloha.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hello SteveMackin

Thank you for your response. I have some questions. What rights are Atheists being denied? Also, where are they being besieged? I am a little perplexed by your claims. If anything, the Christian religion is finding less and less of a platform in our country. Again, thank you for your comments. God bless you.

profile image

writeronline 5 years ago

"I haven't found one happy, elder Atheist yet."

You have now. Over 60, family man, human values, high morals, firm ethics. Tell the truth, respect others, don't cheat or steal. Just don't happen to believe in God.

A higher force, or bigger things than we humans can understand? Absolutely. Just not God.

One of the reasons you probably haven't previously met one is because many well-adjusted people, religious or not, don't feel the need / desire / 'right' to proselytise their beliefs; or on the converse side, the need / desire / 'right' to loudly argue with those who do.

Your headline and opening paragraph (it gets more heated as you go on..) suggests that you, personally, would simply like to be left alone to discuss theological issues amongst fellow believers. And I fully support that right.

However, in the same way you say you abhor the rude and intrusive behaviour of atheists, I myself abhor the patronising self-serving arrogance displayed by so many religious people. Some have already hit your comments section, no doubt more will, esp if they read this.

But I would say that this comment is fair, reasonable, and calmly stated, not deserving of anti-atheist vitriol at all. If you decide to approve it, it will be interesting to see...

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Thank you my friend for your warmest greetings and the truth in which you speak. A truth that is clearly coming from your heart. I have really enjoyed so many of the incoming comments and your responses.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author


No, I will not erase your comment. It's a fair and reasonable one. I believe there are a lot of Christians who act like jerks. They belong to this thing called the human race. I know my article might have raised some eyebrows, but I am stating a truth. I am just looking for a reasonable argument from someone like yourself without all the vitriol and anger. The religious forum is filled with Atheists looking to trash your character and mock. Yes, I could turn the other cheek, but what I stated was my experience and only my experience. I may offend with my article, but it's the truth. In my second paragraph, I mention meeting some Atheists who were honest and kind. You are one of them. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts. You are a breath of fresh air.

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 5 years ago from Malaga, Spain

When I was a secularist, I cared not who preached what for I (then) knew it was no concern of mine.

Coming to faith made me more aware that I had a responsibility to correct error where found, and in these forums I have often been attacked, and to my debit counter-attacked those who have made a lifestyle of decrying all things Christian.

Now I seem more able to silence them with well formed rebuttals of their rants, maybe that's because I am no longer affronted by their inane remarks, and sorrowful that they need spend what, to them, is their ONLY existence attempting to shake our belief in something they deny exists.

I guess, like Paul, we all have thorns to bear that remind us of our weaknesses, and for that I thank God for those secularists who He provides to keep us aware of our frailty.


The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Thank you for this comment. I can learn much from you.

FaithDream profile image

FaithDream 5 years ago from (Midwest) USA

Minstrel, You never cease to amaze me with your thought provoking hubs. Thank you for this one. I have felt the same way in the forums, and I chose not to participate.

As you would like healthy discussions, I agree. For we can all learn from one another.

When the attacks become personal without knowing my story, I walk. Maybe I should stay & argue my case, but for me, that is not who I am.

I'm grateful for you taking on this article. It was long overdue.

Thanks Minstrel for your faith and asking the questions.

Blessings to you.

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Bless you Faith Dream,

I almost left the forum scene, too. Thank you for your encouragement and support. When I think about everyone who takes part in the forum debates, I realize we are all in the same boat trying to figure out life. It has kept me humble.

aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 5 years ago from Malaga, Spain

"It has kept me humble." is almost an oxymoron, we used to tell a joke about the church competition to find the humblest man in the church, old Walter won, but was disqualified when he went forward to collect the prize....

John :0)

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Bless you aquasilver.

Eduardo 5 years ago

I think it's a most interesting subject you have here... and yeah, it's funny how atheists love to rant about christians. First of all, I'm mexican, so excuse my english writing, it's not the best. Second of all, I'll try to speak exclusively from my experience, and why i love to discuss in these forums.

In my life as a catholic, many things were denied, just because it said so in the bible (the catholic bible), mainly sex. So, the first time I had sex, even when it had been a BEAUTIFUL experience, so fulfilling, so loving, so caring (which, according to what I was taught, couldn't be until marriage), I felt guilty. That pissed me off, how a belief that I don't believe in could have ruined it for me. Now, I remember it fondly, so it's okay now. But the ability of faith of turning beautiful things in something wrong is what i dislike. And it would be ok if it just ruins things for you, but it does for me too. My mom, who i love, is a very pious catholic, and the girl I like is a very very recently converted christian.

So, after much talk, what i mean by that is that people have their reasons to be so let's call it passionate about this topic. I just thought it was due that someone spoke for himself, and i couldn't have writeronline be the only one, hahaha.

My reasons as an atheist (or apatheist, according to wikipedia), is a bit of ressentment against religion, how it has affected my life.

But, even when, in someone´s perpective, it has completely and utterly ruined his life, i think it doesn't give them the right to be rude, mean, or whatever. One can have these conversations in a very civil way (i often do, even when i get loud, but that's just the way i talk).

But, some other thing is that some christians tend to bless me whetever i go.... so, just thank the comment, if i was disrespectful, i'm sorry, it wasn't my intention, and i will gladly apologize for it, and, please, no blessing, respect my beliefs... hope you don't get lost in my train of thought, hahahaha...

The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 5 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hello Eduardo,

I understand why you would turn away from God and resent the christian faith. Sex is a powerful thing, enjoyable too. However, sex is way more enjoyable and fulfilling within the context of marriage. That's just the way God made it. The Bible does say that people loved darkness over light, and that's why they hate Christians or anything Christian. They can't sin without feeling a pang of guilt because, again, God made it that way. If they continue in sin their hearts become callous and they get desensitized to guilt.

My encouragement to you Eduardo is to ask God how he feels about you. He will show you if you seek him with a sincere heart. God bless you for your comments. Keep on seeking and writing.

Stuart Dorey 4 years ago

Hi to you all,

Can someone please explain to me,if we have a loving God,

why is it that he allows the most inhumane and disgusting acts by those he has allegedly created, to continue without intervention?I don't think I would be considered a very credible person if I stood by and allowed someone to kill others without attempting to stop it, "do you"?Can someone also explain why the color of Christ and his deciples are portrayed in fair skin and blue eyes instead of dark middle eastern appearance?

YOU see,back in those days the prevelant ignorance of color was rife and so nobody would follow anyone with dark skin;"would they"!Can you imagine being in a prison under the most ignorant regeim and no amount of prayer will be answered let alone given moral support. Given that the foundation of the entire belief is based on the resurection of Christ,is the accounts given in Mathew,Mark Luke and John consistent?You see if they aren't, the whole concept is flawed before you start.Given that Easter bunny and father Christmas are liars and given that all denominations vary but still have loyal followers,isn't it possible that the whole idea is false as well? I think people create a belief and cling to it because they can't stand alone and can't accept the way life is.Why is it the case that if this whole business is suppost to be true, the scriptures been altered so many times in an attempt to make things fit.This is evident over the centuries where different inks used in the transcripts are clearly evident. Lastly,imagine being a victim of the holocaust and praying to this so called God!How many of those poor soles were answered? "NONE OF THEM"!

In conclusion and perhaps perceivably a contradiction by some of you,I actually believe in the spirit world and I believe we all have a sole as well as animals but that doesn't mean there is a God.

good luck to you all and start believing in youself for a change.You dont need to be controlled by fear or be indoctrinated by anyone because they have no more wisdom than you on the subject and many of them are making big money out of it!

kind regards.


The Minstrel profile image

The Minstrel 4 years ago from Hawaii Author

Hi Stuart

Thank you for your comments. Your questions touch upon age old issues about the existence of God. I will not answer them all in this comment section but in up and coming articles. I can only say that the proof for the existence of God totally outweighs the proof for the non-existence of God. I also agree many profit from the resurrection and that is a terrible evil. Lastly, the primary sources that back up the New testament document numbers in the thousands. It blows away all other documents form that time period when it comes to this point. I will write more later.

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