Why are You a Christian?


A very good question, indeed and one with a very simple answer, but Christians will rattle off any number of reasons, from wanting to follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps, to wanting to spend an eternity with their god. The truth is, you are a Christian because you were born in the Americas, which is predominantly Christian, and because you were most likely indoctrinated into Christianity at a very young age. I know I will get all kinds of comments and arguments against this claim, but I intend to show just how solid my claim is.

I propose, first of all, a suggestion. I suggest that a Christian is almost as much of an atheist as myself. You just believe in one more god than I do, but you agree with me on the rest of the world's religions and their gods. You agree with me that they are utter nonsense, and that any mythological claims of gods are not founded on facts or the truth. Well, this will be easier than I thought.

Religious Demographics of the World


Location, Location, Location

That's right. The main reason why you are a Christian is that, as you can see from the map, you were born in a country where Christianity is king. That's not too hard to do, by the way. Look at the map. If you were born anywhere in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Greenland, a huge chunk of Africa and even the Pacific Islands, chances are you are Christian. Now, Christians argue with me all of the time and say, Well, that should prove that Christianity is true! Hmm...not so, my friends. All that proves is that there is something wrong with you for not having any doubt in your mind because it isn't the only religion in the world. The fact that there are countries that have nearly zero percent Christians, and have never even heard of your Christian god should raise some serious questions about your god's supposed power. Apparently, he hasn't been able to reach Madagascar, and he's had more than two thousand years to do it.

You Were Born an Atheist!

No human is born knowing anything at all about any religion. We are all born atheists. That is a fact. If you know anything at all about the Christian god it is because at some point someone told you about him. How can this be possible if Christianity is the perfect religion? Isn't your god strong enough to implant all the knowledge of his awesomeness within us upon conception? Shouldn't we all be born knowing about his mighty and powerful awesome might? What kind of god relies on mere mortals to pass on his story, and hopefully get it right? That just doesn't make any sense. The very fact that as a Christian you had to be taught how to think about this particular topic, and you had to be scared into accepting it as reality, should be a red flag. Why would anyone have to tell you anything? If you as a Christian can feel god's love right now because you know of him and his story, why couldn't someone who has never heard of him feel his love, too? Why aren't there ancient Chinese texts with references to this Christian god? That would indeed be persuasive evidence to support your claim that your god is truly "the one." But there isn't. The god of the bible is exclusive to the area and people that the bible came from. Two thousand years later those stories made it to your ears and for whatever reasons, you bought into them. You had to be told about them, though.

What if You Were Born in China?

What if you were born in China? Could you still be as smug as you are right now in your confidence about your faith? If you were born in China, chances are high that you would either be Buddhist or atheist. With only a 1% Christian population, how likely is it that you would even know about your Christian god? You would certainly know about the Buddha, though, and if you ever did hear about the god of the bible, you would most likely be disgusted because, having the Buddha as your model of ultimate morality, the Christian god fails miserably. He fails anyway, even without a superior moral god to compare him to, simply because we have a thing called empathy that can guide our feelings and actions towards other humans. But if you were born in China, you most likely wouldn't even know about that biblical monster, and you might be better off in the morality department.

Your Ancestors Probably Weren't Christian

If you were born in America, depending on what ethnicity, race, or nationality you are, Christianity was probably forced onto your ancestors. If you are black, for instance, your ancestors came from Africa, and it is almost certain that they were not Christian. There's a wonderful chance that they were your rival religion, Islam, or a number of other polytheistic religions. Even after being caught--because that's what good European Christians did back then, they "caught" people with darker skin than them to sell as slaves, just like the bible sanctions--and introduced to Christianity, your ancestors kept their previous gods, they just added the Christian gods to their pantheon. There was no enlightening moment where your ancestors realized they had been fools for having "false" gods all those centuries. You understand that they were forced to accept Christianity, or in many cases, it was beneficial to them to do it for better treatment. So why are you, their descendants, Christian?

If your ancestors were natives here--Native Americans--which can imply a multitude of things--they, too, were forced to accept Christianity. They had never even heard of your Christian god. With what pride, then, can you happily profess your faith when history shows how brutal and degrading it was for Natives and Africans. Even if you are sure you come from European stock, chances are somewhere on your family tree there is either an African or Native ancestor that had Christianity forced upon them, and their culture stripped away from them. How proud are you of that?

The Brutal Truth

You can claim faith or a personal relationship with Jesus is why you are Christian, but that just puts a big bow on the truth. The truth is you are a Christian because you were born in a predominantly Christian country, your family is perhaps Christian and force fed it to you as a child, or you are just a mindless sheep that will believe whatever you are told. The truth is not pretty. In fact, you should be highly ashamed. The fact that you can claim this abomination of a religion with such certainty, claim that you can know the mind of your god so well as to assure me or anyone of his true intentions, is beyond immoral. It is down right hypocritical. That you can with such smugness guarantee that you are saved from some imaginary hell because of the love your god has for you, but that same god can let the other two thirds of the world perish in eternal flames because they do not even know of him, is utterly and impossibly immoral. The madness this implies cannot even begin to be understood. And the fact that you know this! You know this yet, still, you will deny it and argue that this is all wrong. That I can't possibly know what I am talking about because I must not know god's love, and therefore I am the evil one, is utterly irredeemable. If you are honest, moral people at all, you will raise serious inquiry into your god and your religion. It goes against even your own supposed morals to perpetuate this lie.

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Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

Interesting stuff! I like your added graphics. Great hub! Up & Interesting!

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Thank you! It's so nice to hear positive comments. I'm sure the negative ones are on their way, though.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 5 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

Actually... Truthfully...

I think that you are trying to convince yourself of something.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

What would that be?

Mojo 5 years ago

You are trying to convince yourself that logic, reason and evidence some how carry weight with the religious crowd...how silly of you... (I like the article by the way, all sarcasm aside)

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Well, I'll give it the ole college try. I am a writer, so I may as well try to enlighten the ignorant.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 5 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

I found it funny also that you admitted that you were born an atheist...

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Every human is. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you were, too. You weren't born a christian.

Brandon 5 years ago

I just find it funny that you picked christianity to talk about out of all the religions out there.

PlanksandNails profile image

PlanksandNails 5 years ago from among the called out of the ekklesia of Christ


You are representing your internal struggles with yourself. You are self-convinced by trusting the emotional processes that are going on within your mind with anger and hostility.

("We are all born atheists. That is a fact.")

Really, are you saying that atheism requires no more intellect than that which an infant can muster?

We are all born with the ability to be learn and be taught. As life progresses, we learn, anything and everything that we will ever know or believe.

("The fact that you can claim this abomination of a religion with such certainty, claim that you can know the mind of your god so well as to assure me or anyone of his true intentions, is beyond immoral. It is down right hypocritical.")

Can you logically formulate an argument for your problem of immorality without first providing an absolute standard to base your subjective interpretation.

An atheist looks around the world and notices that immorality exists. If God does not exist, then you can't blame Him for it.

MrMaranatha profile image

MrMaranatha 5 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

No Emma... I was not born an Atheist who Discredits and Rejects the very concept of a god or God... I was Born like you were... Ignorant and Naïve.

I chose to test.. I chose to trust.

I looked for, and I found what I was looking for.

Any you dear emma...

Are you really being Honest with yourself? Or anyone here for that matter?

Smile emma.. God still Loves you too. He just wishes you would look up now and then... or maybe talk to him without being so sarcastic and judgmental all the time...

After all... he is the Judge you know.. the real one.

But he is also like a father.. or grandfather that cares about you.

Good Day ma'am

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Well, Plansandnails and Mr.maranatha, you are both showing how ignorant you are since you do not even know what an atheist is. An atheist is someone who does not believe in any god. Are you saying you were born believing in god? What an ignorant suggestion. And planks, I think I've already established that you are mentally incapacitated, so move on my friend. You don't have to agree with what I write but the fact that you choose to keep commenting on my hubs shows that I must be touching a nerve. Yay for me!

Mr. M, the same goes for you. I've obviously touched on a nerve so I feel accomplished. You'll spend days and possibly weeks turning this over in your head. In time, you will realize how ignorant you really are. There is nothing more arrogant than a christian that criticizes an atheist for sharing what she KNOWS, but then turns right around and affirms that he knows what he can't possible know, and that is the mind of god. Yeah, you are so humble yet you claim to KNOW the mind of god. Give me a freaking break! Stop trying to convert me and pick up a science book or something. Educate yourself! I'll keep writing.

Tristan 5 years ago

Go Emma. The most annoying thing about religions is their denial of proven fact, i can tolerate it otherwise. I know that's not touched in this article but it's really annoying when people try to deny obvious scientific principles.

And in regards to theists in atheists forums.

"Religion is like a penis, it's fine to have one, and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and try to shove it down my throat."

I understand there are many atheists that do the same thing to you as you do to us I'm just asking, please be the bigger (wo)man and leave us in peace and ignore the atheists on your forums.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Love the penis quote! And I think you mean to ignore the theists, right?

f_hruz profile image

f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Another great Hub Emma!

The basic problem with types like plans+nails and mr.maranatha, they just have reality backwards and now set themselves the goal to try to convince the rest of the world their god created nature so they will never see themselves as a product of natural evolution or even try to grasp reality fully to understand nature as the foundation of life's existence.

Their religious ideas do not strike them as a perversion of rationality even though it should be quite clear to them by now, that this god of theirs is simply a man made myth - their irrationality must be in their genes!

Maybe they were born with their god delusion ... :(

MrMaranatha 5 years ago

Tristan: which "Proven Fact are we denying?" Where is your Empirical Evidence?

Emma... You just Straw Man'ed Me. You did not reply to me or my post but to something else that you credited to it.


emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Mr. M, I gave you the only reply a person in denial deserves. Your comment told me to smile because god loves me, what response could you possibly expect from that nonsense? Now THAT is typical of a christian who clings to fantasy.

charles wade profile image

charles wade 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

Obviously location has something to do with the religion a person is exposed to and as you say most likely indoctrinated into from an early age. What exactly is the significance of that in relationship to Christianity? The fact is that you really have no idea, but thought it must in some way be significant. If you actually understood Christianity you would know that being indoctrinated into the religion is a detriment in actually coming to a knowledge of the truth.

It’s too bad people are unable run a fact check on your assumptions. While religion is a learned experience, we are not born atheists; which is also a learned experience. The gospel proclaims a message from God, but there is a lot we can know about God apart from anyone telling us anything.

Christianity became an imperfect and often times powerful weapon to deceive people almost from its origin. No one in their right mind would consider the “Christian religion” a perfect religion or for that matter accurate to the teachings of the Christ by whom their religion is named after.

All people are born with certain attributes that reflect in part the attributes of God. All people are born with some knowledge concerning the God and creator of all things. It is ridiculous to assume that God relies on mortals to accurately “pass on his story”, that doesn’t make sense and it isn’t true either.

I agree that anyone who is taught how to think about anything or scared into accepting a particular point of view as fact; red flags ought to be flying everywhere.

God’s love isn’t confined to those who “know of him and his story” as you say. People who experience love experience God to some degree.

If I was born in China I am confident that I would have serious doubts concerning Buddhism as well as atheism. I don’t know if I would be morally superior, but I suspect my lack of freedom would impact many of my decisions.

If you understand that the Christian religion has since its origin been used to deceive people, conquer the world and manipulate the truth; you wouldn’t be asking questions these questions. Human nature is opposed to having anything forced on them, but that is what you think God should have done with all of us.

Mindless sheep become followers of men who accept lies as truth and are easily manipulated. Mindless sheep assume facts that are not in evidence. Most people behave as mindless sheep.

I would be no more ashamed of the Christian religion than I would of any other religion that I would never become a mindless follower of, or allow it to be forced upon me or manipulated by. That would be hypocritical!

No human will perish or spend eternity in hell because they do not know of Him. Those who perish will perish because they refuse a love for the Truth. Those who perish will probably be those mindless sheep.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Carles, first of all, I was a Christian for nearly 30 years, so I think that gives me some insight into it. Second of all, yes, we are all born atheists. An atheist is someone who does not believe in any gods. Can you prove that you were born already believing in your god? I think not. And scientific studies can easily prove that a child who has not been indoctrinated, will have no knowledge of any god or religion unless taught. The rest of your comment is just nonsense. Doubts about Buddhism and atheism? Really? If you were born in China, sir, you may have doubts, but that does not mean you would turn to Christianity. Christians are so arrogant to even think that. With thousands of religions to choose from, you would be hard pressed to find the "right" one. And how do you even know what the right one is? You are ignorant, sir, and you have my pitty.

pastorreachout profile image

pastorreachout 5 years ago

Hi Emma, one time when I was young, I was listening to a man talk deridingly about blacks. I decided to say something to him. I asked him if he chose his mother? The question seemed to stun him for a few seconds. He finally said No. I asked him if he had no choice in who his mother was, why did he feel himself superior to speak negative words against a person of a different skin color who also had no choice of who his mother was. The man could not answer me. He was convicted of something which is what I think you are trying to do in this hub writing. If you are convicting me that I was born an atheist, I will say yes! Perhaps I was even born a Maternist, (a mother who's child does not believe in her. (Ok, maybe I made the word up. Do you see my point? A Child doesn't know who its mother is until the bond is forged over a period of time. You might point out that the child goes right to the breast of its mother, but we know from actual examples that babies will nurse from any breast, that gives some semblance of food. You told us you were a Christian for nearly 30 years and I suppose you said that to eliminate any argument that you know what you are talking about. I think you know what you are talking about however if I was to believe you, then what would you tell me next? Where will I go when this body I live in has no more life? Who will I talk to when no one else is around and I need help? Perhaps you will say these are crutches that I don't need to rely on? Perhaps you will say that if I get more cocksuredness about my own abilities then I wont need some made up God. That would be fine for someone who spent nearly 30 years in a Christian Religion and feels like most of that time was wasted. It wasn't wasted though Emma because you brought up some points that you would never have been able to talk about if you had not experienced it. So I would say Praise God for giving you experiental wisdom. Or I could just say praise time for giving you wisdom. The insight of my 38 years being raised in a so-called Christian religion is this: God made man;man made religion. Now do I throw out all knowledge of God because religion was trying to teach me about him? That would be like deciding to quit writing or reading Hubpages because I didn't like something somebody wrote. How about a tiny step forward? Ask God if He is truly there to reveal himself to you?

Sincerely, Stephen Hope alias PastorReachOut.

charles wade profile image

charles wade 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

emma, You are in my opinion a prime example of someone who had been indoctrinated into the Christian religion and why I stated it was actually a detriment for actually coming to knowledge of the Truth.

You obviously came to question your Christian religion to some extent; yet you state it is non-sense that a person would question being raised a Buddhist or an atheist in China. I love your sound reasoning.

Your arguments are seriously flawed with false assumptions:

I never stated questioning my Buddhist or Atheist upbringing would cause me to turn to Christianity; now did I? So I guess your comment is as you say non-sense.

“Scientific studies” prove nothing even close to what you stated; who told you that?

You are an enjoyable easy read!

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Pastor, a child does know who it's mother is, even when it's in the womb. Pick up a science book sometime, okay. And learn the difference between the words "convict" and "convince". You, too, have my sympathy.

Charles, do not put words in my mouth, sir. I never stated that I doubted you would raise questions if you were a Buddhist. I said if you did, Christianity would surely not be where you turn. Most likely it WOULD be atheism, or Islam, or Hinduism, or a number of other religions. Your arrogance and your dishonesty offends me sir.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

February 15, 2012

Hello, emma,

May I? Voted up, useful, funny and (mostly) interesting. You have a high-caliber of intelligence. I stand in awe of how much knowledge you possess and that is the truth. I leave you with more honest comments . . .


I give you this note: a fantastic hub here. Well-written with noted points. Laugh or condemn me if you like, but I am an anti-religion-only crusader. In my hometown I make people who attend church just so their friends and business assocites will see them there very edgy. I admit that DO have a relationship with my GOD. For that, I do not apologize. And I literally love to discuss, with people, the grammatical errors in the KJV Bible. Some religionists will fight to the death for the KJV, but neglect the Hebrew Manuscripts. These, I love.

Im glad to meet you on hubs, and look forward to more of your hubs. I invite you to check out my hubs--if you need a good laugh. And I would love for you to be a follower too so I can keep close to a true talent and learn from you. Very Sincerely, Kenneth Avery, from Hamilton, a small northwest Alabama town that Norman Rockwell would have loved to painted on a magazine cover.

I will be looking for you and do keep great hubs LIKE THIS ONE coming.

Your friend,


emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City Author

Nice to meet you Kenneth. I will most certainly check your hubs out. Thank you for the comment.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

emma, you are welcome. Very welcome indeed. I look forward to not only having you read, but follow my adventures in HubVille and correspond with you. I envy your IQ.


Christy 4 years ago

I am not a Christian because I was force fed it. Yes, I went to church and my parents always tried to give me "Christian" answers to my problems, but that made me resent it, not believe it. I recently red educated my life to Christ, because I realized that he DIED for what I have done. And then He came back! He is alive and some day he will come back. I know now how much he loves me, and I believe that God is real, and He sent his son to save me from my sins.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 4 years ago from Kansas City Author

You just contradicted yourself. Point proven. Thanks for playing.

The Arbiter 4 years ago

Disclaimer: This is a pretty intelligent comment. It has some stereotyping and criticizing, but just bear with me here.

Since the nature of God is unknown, it is impossible to prove that God does not exist. Therefore, atheism is based on a fallacy. Since the nature of God is unknown, it is impossible to prove that God does exist. Therefore, any theistic set of beliefs is....not quite based on a fallacy, but based on circular reasoning.

"If there is God, then I must have faith. If I have faith, there must be a God."

The only way to actually get rid of these fallacies is for one of two things to happen. Either God has to come down to earth and do some serious awe inspiring things, or someone has to figure out how the universe started. And no, it's not the big bang, that happened just after the universe started. It's not the string theory either, because where did all those strings come from, eh?

Until one of these things happen, the only thing that makes logical sense is to be agnostic. You could use inductive reasoning to defend atheism or theism, but then again, you could use inductive reasoning to declare that all sheep live in San Diego.

I'm trying to figure out which makes more sense, Christianity, or Atheism, and I'm facing some problems. I personally can see lots and lots of reasons why Christianity makes more sense than Atheism, but when I see Christians posting, they generally appear to be sheep. In response to a long article, they say "well God loves you so you should too" or something of that nature. This makes me both dubious and uninformed.

You too, atheists. Yeah, don't think I'm on your side. You continuously decry Christians as being self richious. Well if you do that enough, you become the self richious ones. Also, you throw around the word ignorant a lot. Ignorant means un-knowing. Of course you can't know. There is no proof one way or the other. And another thing. Consistantly you claim to be scientific. The lack of evidence doesn't mean something CAN'T exist. If that were the case, the world would have been flat up until the point Columbus sailed around it.

Your three main arguments of ignorance, self-riciousness, and unscientificness are completely hypocritical. This makes me just as dubious about throwing in my lot with you as with the sheeple.

As I see it right now, my choices are "Bahhhhhh" versus "IM NOT SHOUTING!" Im none too thrilled with either of them. If someone responds to this politely (or at least accurately) I'll read it and maybe be grateful. Sadly, it is pretty far down the page, so I doubt many people will get to it.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 4 years ago from Kansas City Author

Being the grammar nazi that I am, it's righteous, dude, not richious. So, your point on this being an intelligent comment has already been dis-proven. Second of all, no one can know if fairies exist, but lack of evidence tends to prove that they don't. You're argument is old and tired, sir. I've had it too many times with ignorant people such as yourself. Suffice it to say that you are misinformed or willfully ignorant. I'll let the readers decide. Good day, sir.

The Arbiter 4 years ago

I admire the prompness with which you replied, but not the thought that went into it. Fairies, supposedly, are solid matter. Therefore, what with all the fancy technology that we have today, it is not totally totally totally impossible that they exist, but incredibly unlikely that we would not have noticed them scurrying around by now. This is in contrast with an etherial being, which in its ethereality would be undetectable. Also, when folklore talks about fairies, archeological and historical evidence do not coencide to prop up the claims.

Points of argumentation style:

You used the word ignorant again, after having gained no more knowledge than when last I decried it. I dearly hope that you did not read my whole post because if you did, there is little point in talking to you. I am scouring the internet looking for really great logic pointing one way or the other. Do you really think I'm willfully ignorant? And of course I'm not misinformed--I'm not informed at all, or at least not to my satisfaction. It is in fact you who must be one of the two. I left an open end on my comment, asking for constructive responses. Instead of that, you dismissed my argument and question with a little wave of your hand, not really thinking about it at all. You proceeded to spend the majority of of your post calling me names. If you don't think that all this makes you an unreasoning hypocrite, then that's your right.

One last thing. It's "Your argument," not "You're argument." I don't like to fight logic with grammar, since you were the one to bring it up, I thought it only fair.

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 4 years ago from Kansas City Author

I'll be honest, your post is such nonsense that I only got to the part where you state that fairies are solid matter. Sigh. We're done.

James Prince profile image

James Prince 3 years ago from Los Angeles

I just read this today, so I guess I'm late to the party. There's just so much comment to wade through it's now longer than the main article and more interesting. Anyway, just wanted to say great read... to both the author and the commenters.

I'd also wanted to add that I don't think I was born an atheist. Hard to say with me not knowing much about anything else except the need to eat and sleep and survive... I also probably did not believe in a Creator God either and more like I have no concept of what that means. And with that, the idea of me being an agnostic is also a no go. What else is there?

I’d say this though, I was born with a predisposition to find answers to my many questions and all my future experiences will determine what I ultimately will believe in, and believe me it is regardless of where I was born in, especially today where our world have slowly become smaller and smaller and we could be in another time zone within a couple of hours.

pastorreachout profile image

pastorreachout 3 years ago

Emma, I could not find any scientific evidence (tested according to definable results) that babies know who their mothers are when they are born. I am not a scientist so I do not know how this could be undeniably proven. I picture some child being born and taken from its mother right away then at some reasonable time, (when its eyesight is not blurry) the child is held up by a nurse in a room full of mothers (one mother being the childs true mother) and then the child reaches toward the true mother. Possibly but then many intelligent people like yourself or a handful of others I have met in my life could come up with something like they think the test was not fair, the nurse who held the child somehow responded favorably when the child began to reach and the nurse willfully walked toward the true mother coercing the child to pick her. Of course any scientific or very intelligent person could describe this encounter with big words that would make someone like me doubt that I knew anything at all.

With that being said, I will go on to the next point, it is in response to your comment, (also well stated yet smug) "that same god can let the other two thirds of the world perish in eternal flames because they do not even know of him, is utterly and impossibly immoral. " Here is my response: Any God, known or unknown who would allow his creation to perish just because they do not know him would be immoral" It looks as though I have agreed with you. Yet I remain firm in my position that God is more than we say He is. One of the scriptures that comes to mind is " I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion" (Romans 9:14-15) I say God said that because I believe the bible is the inspired word of God" You may have a completely different take on it because you are..... well you are "EMMASPEAKS" and I am sure that for those who believe in you and hang on your every word, well that means something special to them. Another thing I know about my God because He has taught me this is that He loves you Emma, evidently more than you know. You could take my word for it or you can refuse it just like many who examine whether atheism or christianity is the way they want to believe. Many refuse to believe there is a God who loves them and some cannot help but believe it. We have a choice. For those who do not have a choice, (Just because we don't think they have a choice) I refer back to the scripture in Romans that I partially quoted. Thank you for listening EMMA.

Reginald Boswell profile image

Reginald Boswell 2 years ago from Alabama

Interesting Hub: I am proud to be an American the greatest country in the world! Also, I am glad to believe that Christ is the Savior of the world.

Anonymous 14 months ago

I would like to mention, pastorreachout, beautifully and simply put! People like you are real Christians. Now, The majority of those people, emmaspeaks, in that survey for the religous demographs of the world, are probably just putting down some religion they grew up with. You are right. Seince this disciussion is between christians and athiests, I can make this point. Lets look at the Islamic region and their beliefs.

They are killed if they don't believe it.

So if some person came to their door and was all, "hey, what do you beileve?" Obviously they would say they were muslim so their community doesn't shoot their brains out. Same applies to this situation, but probably not in the way you think.

Feeling defensive, emmaspeaks? Why did you write that article? It could be partly becuase you live in a world where everyone ultimatly accepts christianity, and for one reason or another, you actively decided to be an athiest, against what everyone is saying, becauase obviously it isnt important to you, I think its good you dont care how people see you. But, Say you were someone who doesnt think much about this relgious stuff, like most of, say, americas population. Everyone around you is saying christianity is the way.

You dont want to get metaphorically shot in the head by your community.

So you put down christian for the survey.

But you never knew God. You never actively prayed to God in your times of trouble, you never gave your entire life to seek God's presence, you didnt take the time to consiter that maybe some opnipitant God died on a cross for your sins, so that even though mankind messed up and ate from the tree of knowledgr of good and evil, he showed forgivness to us and gave us THE OPTION to pick him.

Thats why the charts even say that christians are number one. Really, if we investigated more, your athisim would be number one.

Before you go and write another big long article about that though, i invite you to consiter where you could be wrong. Actively take time to think against how you think now, and think, "why does a christian think like this? If were a christian, why would I believe based on what I see in my own life?" Maybe you will find that what you belive is right, and then youll have more ammo agaisnt christians. I say, good for you, let me know what you found as long as you truly, truly seek truth. And continued to ask questions. Bever top asking questions.

but, you should be humble enough to accept if you see it otherwise, you want to be right, right? That involves changing on your part. Christians often belive athists are all angry (i dont, i simply dont know you) because you write articles like this, and why you all are wrong, etc. We say, "God did this for me, he can for you too!" (Real christians, anyway)

God turns all bad things into good things, so when you say, "if god is so good, why is the world so bad?" And "how come he could make us all believe?" Well, when adam and eve ate the fruit we could then decypher right from wrong, we were like God. So, emmaspeaks, at one point we were born knowing who God was. but he knew we would mess it up, but again, all beautifully planned so we would get to know him more, that is the ultamote point of all of this. He made us so we could get to know him. So when the fruit was eaten and we then knew right from wrong, he gave all of mankind the option to follow or not to follow. Thats where the story really begins. People started deciding not to believe. Time goes on and God sends Jesus to die and all sins are forgiven now, so long as we follow him. (Another discussion, who is and isnt forgiven) bit this is Another chance to know him more. you get to know someone by their actions, and he was kind to give his only son for you, so you didnt have to make sacrifices for your sins. What a nice guy, now that you get to know him. He wants to get to know you more, Emma, thats why he did that. He just wants you to see Him, so look for him, and I can promise if you truly seek the truth, as an athiest, that is what you believe, you will find Him. I know you have your struggles. Maybe you really are one of the acually angry athiests who actually does believe but you dont like Him. if you are, i can pray for you to find peace with God again, but if you are not, Maybe you can get through a few on your own with out him, and maybe some of us "need an omnipitant power" to do so, but you will never truly know God and unlock the potential he has for you. Thats when faith comes in. I never was given a reason to believe God, just like you, but when i decided i would look into it, and decided i could easily live with this in my life, i slowly began to see where he belonged in my life and then he started giving me reason to believe. You think there are no reasons to believe becuase you havent look for them. If you really want to find truth, aee if all this really is real, you would try to be a christan for a bit, a real christian. That doesnt mean going to church and praying every single day, it just means saying, "hey God, if you are out there, I got this problem in my life, if you could help me, I will follow you." But it wont happen if you dont have a tiny bit of belief he might be there. Im not saying like dropping your life and going off on mission trips to iraq, but just say hey, he did this for other people, he could probably do it for me. Just as it is evident he may not be there, he may also be there. Its definalty worth giving a little faith just to find out, right?

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