Why do unbelievers always want proof?

 There is a simple reason that unbelievers want proof.  They believe what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears.  Unbelievers have no concept of faith or believing in things unseen.  They trust their own senses and their own reality.

Many unbelievers were once believers who had unfortunate brushes with the hypocrisy that is inherent in every social group, including spiritual ones.  Rather than recognizing that hypocrisy as a human failing, unbelievers choose to project the hypocrisy onto the group that disillusioned them.

Others had no experience or close relationships with people of faith.  They choose the life they were raised and learn in.  If taught by word and example to demand proof for every belief, that's how people will live their lives.  You go with what you know.

It's amazes me that people can look at the Grand Canyon, the stars, a flower, or a newborn baby without feeling awe and believing in spritual, unseen beings. Nature and people are both too simple and too complex to exist without reason. There are too many things in life that couldn't exist without God's plan.

People with spiritual beliefs tend to live longer, happier, less stressful lives than those who need proof.  But wanting proof is not a fault in itself.  Everyone wants proof of some things.  Not many people believe everything they hear.  Doubt is a human quality that can protect people from lies and pain, but it can also prevent people from from learning truth and feeling joy. The trick is finding your own truth and having faith in your own beliefs.

Unbelievers tend to base their beliefs on scientific proof.  If they have seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted something, it exists.  But the spiritual world is only visible to those who hope, believe, and have faith in the unseen and untouchable. 

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aka-dj profile image

aka-dj 7 years ago from Australia

Thanks. I am a stong believer in the spiritual. It's something that ,cannot be "proven", but its reality cannot be denied. That's why I think that seeking proof is the wrong path to take. (I speak of physycialproof.) Blessings. :)

Shahid Bukhari profile image

Shahid Bukhari 5 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

Because, they are unable to think any otherwise, than the Material Terms, and Physical can only be established by substantial Proof ...

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