Why snakes keep coming in dreams and what do they refer to.

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The true meaning of snake in dreams

The snake in dreams tell about many things.The poisonous snakes refer to one's health issues whereas the non-poisonous snakes refer to problems related with opposite sex and debts.That's why its very important to remember every small detail of the dream as it helps to interpret dream to a favourable conclusion.

Non poisonous snakes in dreams:

These usually refer to opposite sex whom you know from waking life.Why they appear as snakes and not as a known face has to do with the intensity of their feelings for you.A deep intense feelings for you will transform that person into snake in dream world,because he no longer conscious about his self and his very own self was driven by a non human instinct and thereby making him appear as snake in your dream.Usually these feelings will be sexual in nature.

Poisonous snakes in dreams:

Any deadly poisonous snake tell about coming of health problems.These health problems will be mostly related with your stomach.If you see a black cobra rising its hood and threatening to bite you it says that you should be extra vigilant about hyper acidity and ulcer related problems.If you were bitten by these deadly poisonous snakes then it says that there will be temporary setback in your health and one will lose lot of vital energies.

Seeing snakes in dreams also says about break in one's spiritual life.If one successfully kill a Snake in dream says that one is still protected by divine forces and has nothing to worry about.A huge snake like anaconda says about life threatening problem.One has to be careful when one See's such a huge snake trying to attack.One has to be vigilant while driving or walking after this dream.

Flying snakes piercing the walls surrounding you says that you were in enormously indebted and not able to defend yourself from your debtors.

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fosgate 5 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. I've been frequently having a nonpoisonous snake show up in my dreams and just recently, there was a nonpoisonous one and a poisonous one. I beat the poisonous one down with a club before it ever had a chance to coil and/or strike. Oddly, both snakes were wrapped around the limbs of a christmas tree.

privatepersonalconcierge 4 years ago

I had a dream i killed a silver python with piercing blue eyes by placing him in a plastic bag. what does this mean?

arjun 4 years ago

Good Morning,

Yesterdat night two snakes dancing and playing..i will see and inform to others.. public come and punish the snakes.. then two snakes is dead.. Last week one snake come and he run to my foot... this is come last week my dreams.. what's the meaning.. pls tell.. my mail id mallika23472@gmail.com

Sue 3 years ago

I dreamt lastnite of lots of snakes hanging on the trees with different shapes and sizes.....but most of the snakes were very long and i sow one snake which looked really hairy and ugly, some snakes were changing or lossing their skins and were hang everywhere on the trees and i was middle of these creatures saving myself. The last snake i sow was very long and coloured in brown,white and black really very long and then gotup from my dream. Was scary what is the message its sending me....MY e-mail:alicksalvia@yahoo.com

vaishali 3 years ago

I had seen a small snake coming to bite me with his mouth wide open in dreams... this one was poisonous. . And after two days the next dream were the snakes in small pipe size which were non-poisonous... why are snakes coming in my dream??? Does this relate something??

vijet 2 years ago

hi i have seen a green snake it was surrounded by our window, what does it mean

Vani 2 years ago

I had seen snakes crawling over my legs. Does this mean something?

ramtulip profile image

ramtulip 2 years ago from india Author

someone trying to seduce u

medha 2 years ago

I had a dream of a flying red snake.. what does it mean? ?

s.jayaprakash 2 years ago

In my dream if snake comes. I am facing so many problem.like lazy ness to go to work

lakshmi 23 months ago

last night in my dream lots of snake and big cobra came at my dream and anaconda is swallowed one person i dint him. but they didn't bite me

Ramender kaur 21 months ago

hi last night i dreamt there were lots of small snakes in a small cage and I opened the cage but I got scared and wanted to close the cage back again but I wasn't able too does this mean anything?

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