Wicca - The Four Quarters

The Elements and Quarters

The Four Quarters in Wicca in associated with elements. Not those found on the periodic table, but those found in nature. They are Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. Some practices even recognize a fifth called Akasha, which is the spirit. These Quarters allow are associated with the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West.

The Eastern direction belongs to the element of Air. In Wicca, this element signifies many things. It is the breath of life, the breeze, the wind, shifting thoughts and contemplation. It is the celestial, gases, space, ethereal, sound and what it travels through, the atmosphere, changability, inspiration, logic, music, science, harmony, quick-temperedness, cheerfulness, contemptousness, the rising sun,etc. The colors assigned to the element of Air are light blue, silver, white, gray, and yellow. In the tarot it is the minor arcania of swords. The wand, the staff and the rod are other symbols of the element.

The West belongs to the element of Water. Water represents the heart and emotion. The life sustaining waters. It is the patron of the artistic, the empathic, unpredictable, intuitiveness, compassion, bitterness,etc. The colors of the element are dark blue, blue green, and turquoise. The tarot minor arcania cups is associated with Water. A vessel, cup, grail, chalice, cauldron, etc. are other symbols of the element.

In the Northern Hemisphere the South is associated with Fire and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the North. Fire is the raging spirit. All flame, electricity, fisson, combustion are the domain of Fire. So is spontaneousness, optimism, lustiness, self-expression, passion, aggression, etc. The elements colors are red, amber, red-orange and all shades of flames. In the tarot, it is wands. The wand and the staff are other symbols.

In Northern Hemisphere the North is the element of Earth and in the Southern Hemisphere it is the South. It is the land itself, the very earth beneath out feet. All things solid, tangible, form, dimension, time, existence, productive, calculating, determined, stubborn, brave, etc. In the tarot, it is the pentacle. And the colors for Earth are brown and black. The shield, the pentacle, flail and horn are symbols of the element.

These quarters exists in Wicca to provide power to spells, to protect a circle and to help the Wiccan learn more about themselves and the world of the divine in which they live.

Quarter calls are used to summon these elements (their powers and their gifts) to protect the circle and lend their power. These can be either elaborate pieces of poetry or simple little invitations. It all depends on the practitioner.

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Maags 12 months ago

I'm going to say athame and incense for the Eastern quarter..and the rod, wand for the Southern quarter. Tarot correspondences. green for earth, blue for air, red for fire, and blue/green aqua or turquoise for water.

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