Witch or Wiccan , which am I?

Witchy woo!


Witch or Wiccan?

Wiccan lore be gone ye must,

For Wiccan I am not , a Witch I am just.

So the law of three

Does not go for me.

Not every Witch is a Wiccan you see!

That is not to say I have no respect,

My Wiccan brethren I will not neglect.

I just do not follow your Wiccan lore,

Just love and light I can not abhore,

As darkness and death in my path I saw.

Keep your Mysteries , I need them not.

For love in Hecate , Zeus and Hera I have got.

So those new to Witchcraft please remember ,

You do not need to be a Wiccan member.

Witchcraft can be your sole path .

A journey for only you to remember.

So blessed be and love and light.

I wish you luck in your Wiccan plight.

For the mysteries are not easily found.

They are hidden deep in the underground





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Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 4 years ago from UK Author

Thank you OldWitchcraft.

OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere

Cute poem!

I can relate.


Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 5 years ago from UK Author

Snurre, I appreciate your comment, thank you for reading.x

Snurre profile image

Snurre 5 years ago

Great poem! I've been reading a lot about Wicca and Witchcraft recently and it's fascinating. Though a bit too rigid for me in a way, as I prefer good old shamanism.

Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 5 years ago from UK Author

The imagery is important in witchcraft. Thank you for stopping by BallisticJW xx

BallisticJW profile image

BallisticJW 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

I love that picture! I think I might have used it one of my recent blog posts on witchraft :) Great minds :)

Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 5 years ago from UK Author

Merry meet LadyFae. I hope you bring the luck of the Fae with you. Thank you for taking the time to read my work xx

LadyFae profile image

LadyFae 5 years ago from Under the Stars

Merry meet sister.

Greetings from a solitary Hedge Witch.

Love and Hugs


deblipp profile image

deblipp 5 years ago

The idea that Wicca is very light and never dark is very recent, and not at all like the Traditional Wicca I have studied for thirty years.

Scarface1300 profile image

Scarface1300 5 years ago

Great Poem.

Reminde me of my Mother.

She was Welsh and we all called her a Witch.

In the nicest possible sense of the word. lol

She did some amazing things.

Thanks for the memorie's.....

I shall be following you from now on.

I am English with a lot of Celtic influence.

Welsh Ma, Irish Da.

All the best to you and your family.

Goddess4u 5 years ago

Thanks for commenting and following on my hub. I am new to all of this so don't know exactly what I am doing but having fun anyway. Just promoting my businesses and interests along the way. I too am a pagan, not Wiccan. I am attending Priestess of the Goddess Training in Ashland, Oregon. It has brought so much peace and fulfillment and love to my life. Don't know how I ever got by without it! Take Care.

rachelsholiday profile image

rachelsholiday 5 years ago

What a great poem! One of my good friends in high school was Wiccan (I think she's Pagan now, but I'm not sure.)

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago

Great poem .You are right you can be one without being the other, as for me I am both. Blessings

Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 5 years ago from UK Author

Thank you very much Fay and Eiddwen.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A brilliant poem , thank you so much for sharing Ddraigcoch.

Take care


profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Excellent poem. It is so vivid, I can see the witch working her incantation over a big black cauldron.


Ddraigcoch profile image

Ddraigcoch 5 years ago from UK Author

Always Hattie, but there is always an opposite in life and we have to embrace and respect both in balance xx

HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Well whatever path you choose hope it is always in the light and love. That is respectful of others, and the best for the whole of humanity! Unity, Harmony, and Peace for the earth and all man kind!

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