Witches - Are They Real

Rosaries are made with everything from precious jewels  to wood to small stones.
Rosaries are made with everything from precious jewels to wood to small stones.
Crystals are also used in rosaries and other precious items of the Church as well as wiccans.
Crystals are also used in rosaries and other precious items of the Church as well as wiccans.
There are people in this world living in dirt with no water or food and children are dying.....why is this necessary?
There are people in this world living in dirt with no water or food and children are dying.....why is this necessary? | Source

Yep, We Are Real

Most people will keep away from this blog simply out of fear. The old crone might put a curse on them or worse.. I have lost friends because of my beliefs. I wonder if even one of them took the time to educate themselves or if they simply decided to believe the rhetoric. The rhetoric that women hating men in the "Church" used to kill thousands. In the name of God.

In The Name of God

Long ago, Wise Ones (witches) lived on the outskirts of small towns/villages. These were usually women who tended childbirth, took care of the dead and administered such medicine that could be found in nature. They were the ones who settled disputes. They were the ones with the power. Power the Church wanted and had to have in order to rule. It is well known that Peter and Paul hated Mary Magdalene and all other women. Mary Magdalene was Jesus' favorite disciple. When Jesus left this earth He told His people to preach the truth. There were many who followed his teachings, not just those in the Bible. He did not call it Christianity, He was Jewish, who do believe in the mystical. He was trained in healing arts and all areas of the Jewish faith. He was probably black having been born in Egypt and I don't think He ever referred to Himself as King. He also had a nasty, wicked temper and forsook his family.

It is known that St. Paul and St. Peter made it to Rome and from them grew the Vatican. Good old Emporer Constantine set it all in motion. He brought all bishops and deacons to Nicea to discuss whether Jesus was one in the same as God and other organizational issues of the Church. No women were or have ever been of any substance in the church. The nuns simply do the down and dirty work. The great men live in the Vatican...Sell some of that stuff and take care of all the Somalians, isn't that what it is supposed to be about?


Pagan simply means peasant. Just poor farmers and the like. In order to bring the pagans into the mix and divesting them of hard earned money for the good of the Church and God they had to make the Christian holidays fall on pagan ones. They had to use pagan symbols, like the Christmas tree and the yule log to bring them along. They had to take the power of the wise ones. They had to make the people afraid. Christianity was already under way in Rome. No other religion was allowed. Even the God Ra was left out. Most then worshipped him as the God of the Sun. Polytheism was no longer. One God and One God only. The God of the Church.

Back to the Witch

Since witches were mostly women and pagan (peasant) but did wield the most power people were warned against us. They were told we would cast evil spells and slept with the devil. These are the same people who had been healing and birthing and taking care of the dead. The wise ones were the enemy. The ones who devoted their lives to study in order to help were the ones that were killed in the name of God.

Witches and God

Witches believe in God, probably more than most. We do believe in a male/female deity. Nature is God. Nature has given us all we need yet it is destroyed day by day. We are being killed though money and power just as we were deprived of the right to live as we wish with the advent of the Church. Money is the root of all evil. (Biblical) Not witches. BTW: Witches ARE NOT Satanists and I have yet to meet the devil, much less have slept with him.

Blame Has No Place on a Witches Shoulders

I have been researching the net and have found that people need to blame someone on the earth they can see and hate for their fate. Sometimes it is a witch in some form or other that gets the job. Santeria is a hateful religion that practices in some terrible ways. Satanism is another. In my humble opinion these people have psychological issues. I do believe in their power since we are all energy (another blog). But in life sometimes things just happen. Be good to your guardian angel (they are in the Bible). You will need that Dude or Dudette. Thank them and the God and Goddess often. Surround yourself with their white light and pray (meditate) on all you have been given and enjoy their protection. Wicca is not far from the biblical belief that we are here to help our fellow man and live up to the God/dess' wishes.

Wicca v Christianity

The church has its amulets and tools of worship. Let's say the blood and body of Christ. (You know, I have to wonder what He thinks about all of this, after all He turned water into wine and nobody called Him names). The cross is another, yet pagan symbol that is worn and kissed and adored. Let a witch bring out a candle or a stone for it's God given power and the sky falls down.. What I am saying is we all have "things" we touch (the rosary) or feel (the love of God/dess). Witches simply are in tune with nature and the gifts that are and can only be God/dess given. Self respecting wiccans will not hurt you, the motto of the witch is "Do as you will yet harm none.." Besides, it will come back on us three-fold. Religion has caused more wars and destruction than anything on this planet. But it is revered and God is on "both" sides. Yet, the trees grow and babies are born and people die. The world keeps turning and God/dess keep giving.

The true God given power is not in our wars and politics and money it is in ourselves wherein God/dess dwell. Saith the Wiccan.

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OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere

This a very well-written hub, however, if you research witchcraft world wide - there are even some fascinating accounts from people outside the U.S. right here on HubPages - malefic witchcraft does go on and it has similar characteristics around the world. I know people who have been cursed and I have laid the spiritual smackdown on some people who had it coming. This kind of magic is a big fixture in American Hoodoo because most of the practitioners were black and had no other recourse. They were slaves and even after the official end of this incredibly vile and disgusting practice, they had no equal rights under the law and the justice system was bent against them. (Some would say it still is and I would agree.)

I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of Wiccans to defend the innocent who were wrongly killed. But, there is no doubt in my mind that a few among them actually did some of the things they were accused of because it is being done now.

It is good for me to read opinions like yours on this subject because it helps me see where Wiccans (and it's mostly Wiccans and neo-pagans) are coming from with these ideas. It's good to defend the innocent, but the witchcraft, including black magic, is a very real thing.

Accolades to you for writing this. Every voice is important, even when I disagree with you. It's how I learn.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether

Beautiful hub, and nice to meet another witch so close to me! I live in Largo, FL. :) Blessings and Merry Meet!

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Thanks for your comment. Although I do not practice the black arts I know some do. The Wiccan creed is to harm none. So I harm none. There will always be killing, in whatever form it takes. Wars, arguments, disagreements, the need for power or money, etc.

Thanks for your info, I appreciate your taking your time to comment.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Dear Kitty, I practice solitary. I am assuming you do too? Please feel free to email me at roners@hotmail.com. I, too would like to meet a fellow witch in my area.

OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere


I'm sure you've heard it before, but there is a big difference between witchcraft and Wicca. If you go to your friends and say, "I am a Wiccan," you have the opportunity to explain to them that it is a religion with a moral code. But, if you say to your friends, "I'm a witch," you're bringing a lot of other ideas into people's minds and rightly so. Most non-Wiccan witches are pretty much in the closet and this is for good reason.

Also, you might distinguish Wiccan or witchcraft a little more in your articles. I look for articles on the occult and witchcraft, but tend to avoid Wiccan articles more because it's not my thing.

It's all right that it's your thing, of course... I'm just trying to point out that there is a difference and some of us do practice Santeria and we are not hateful or evil... Most Satanists are not hateful or evil, either, although some are decidedly so. If you're asking people not to judge you or say cruel and untrue things about you, it's nice if you can return the favor with some tolerance.

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 4 years ago from New England

Dear GraceLinda,

I appreciate your message, about witches being villanized throughout history. Yet, I do not believe that Peter and Paul hated women. I think that the present Catholic church has issues that need to be resolved, and those high in the canonical hierarchy need to value women more.

The Christian church needs to grow more, and allowing women more power is one thing they must do but are resistant to. I think that God sent Jesus in the world and that Jesus made Peter the "rock" of the church because they lived in a society that valued the words of men over women...but they did not hate them. Several Marys were valued supporters of Jesus. There seem to be more women who stand out in the Old Testament than the New Testament...but there are the saints and mystics since then that have given many inspiration and hope.

I do agree that those in power are often hypocritical...and would spend more money on religious accoutrements than on helping the poor out of their plight....and many churches do not want to grow past archaic traditions. That is one reason why I have turned to more wiccan practices. And what I have been taught about Santeria is not evil or wicked. It is a type of spirituality like others, but is used by some to do evil. Just as some of those who currently hold political power hide behind Christianity, and act as though this sanctions their atrocities.

Faith is powerful, and some people use their "faith" in a twisted way. That is too bad...and is why we need healers. I believe the Druids are close to wiccans for their moral code, too.

Thanks for giving us a thought-provoking hub to "chew" on. Though, you may want to interview some people in different religions before you write about them.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Dear Old and Seafarer: I have done study on the subject. Peter and Paul decidedly did not like or respect Mary Magdalene. Santeria is known for practicing the killing of animals. I am against anything that hurts another living thing. Sorry if my post irritated you. Witches and Wicca are related. Wicca is simply the name of the religion.

In Gnostic writings Mary Magdalene is seen as one of the most important of Jesus' disciples whom he loved more than the others.

The Gnostic Gospel of Philip names Mary Magdalene as Jesus' companion. Gnostic writings describe tensions and jealousy between Mary Magdalene and other disciples, especially Peter.

As for interviewing people, whom would you suggest? I have studied especially on theology and each of us has what we believe to be the truth in our hearts.

Any type of faith is powerful. ANY TYPE.

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 4 years ago from New England

I agree, GracieLinda, that any type of faith is powerful...whether it be the power to do good or evil...just like in Star Wars, the Sith and the Jedi were on opposite sides of the same force, which both groups believed in but used for different purposes and effects.

It also seems the folk legends, ancient or modern, tend to be skewed to the opinions of those writing them. Even "gospels" seem to be rather full of drama between the key players. It seems that if a good message and some wisdom can be gleaned from the writing, more power to it, but it matters not some of the finest details. What matters most is how people treat one another...now. :0)

Do all Santerians kill animals for sacrifices, or just some? Is it a twisted practice that not all who practice the religion engage in nor condone?

Have you seen the movie "The Wicker Man?"

Keep writing great, thought-provoking hubs! :0)

OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere

I thought I stopped following this hub, but I guess I'm following you Seafarer Mama, so it showed up, again, in my feed.

I, too, do not want to discourage the writer of this article from writing more articles. And, I certainly do hope she will do some more research.

To answer your question, which was not directed at me, but I can't seem to resist: No. All Santeria practitioners do not kill animals for sacrifice. Santeria is not the same in all countries. For example, Mexican Santeria is very different from that in African-influenced countries. Mexican Santeria is about connecting with the saints (as in Catholic saints, although the Mexicans have added a few of their own, including heroes like Pancho Villa). In Mexico, the saints are just the saints and not syncretic with other gods.

But, in Afro-Caribbean spiritualism they typically are and are used as gateways to the Orishas, which are ancestral gods of a particular nation in northern Nigeria. They believe, as do the Jews and the Muslims that ritual killing must be done in a certain, prescribed way, similar to the kosher practice. They only do this on certain occasions. They believe the release of the animal's spirit helps them to spiritually connect with the ancestral spirits. In some cases, the animal is eaten, afterward. The Indians did similar things... anyone who has ever had Col. Sanders' chicken is guilty.

So to recap, Santeria is not just one centralized religion. It is an individualized practice. All one Santeria practitioner has in common with another is the incorporation of the saints somewhere in their spiritualism.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

No worries, you two. the writer will keep writing. The Santeria practioner I spoke with must have given me terribly incorrect info. Blessed Be.

BTW: You both can stop following me. Thanks.

OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere

You are a little difficult to be nice or even decent to. I hope I have fixed the problem and you don't come up on my feed, anymore. But, I can certainly see why you have difficulty keeping friends. You are a very hateful person.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 4 years ago from Savannah GA.

Wow! What a lot of false information you have put in this hub! The first was about Jesus..".He was probably black having been born in Egypt"...WHAT? His parents fled to Egypt so he would not be killed. And if He was born there then how would He be Jew? Also, just because Egypt is part of Africa, does not mean that the Egyptians were all black. Do some research!

I am also suspecting that you did not realize that the modern form of Wicca was formed by three separate men, who were also three 33 degree Masons. These were Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders and last but concertedly not least...Alcester Crowley . If you care to read more about this, here is the link to the hub I have written on the subject...http://highvoltagewriter.hubpages.com/hub/The-Luci... I could go on and on ....but why? Sometimes the blind LIKE TO BE BLIND!

GracieLinda 4 years ago

I did research. There is a ? if Jesus was black, ask a black church. He may have been Arabian looking but he was certainly not a blue eyed white man. His mother was a Jew that makes him Jewish. If you will notice, I was speaking of the old witches (thereabouts 1400's), not the the ones from the 40's. I have heard the terms wicca and witch used interchangeably. I am sorry you do not agree with my findings but you have certainly not read my hub close enough.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author

Dearest Old, if you are there, speaking of one in the third person is rude. Attacking one for their beliefs is rude. I have friends but those who go on the attack usually don't. I sincerely hope you find some.

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