Your Prayers Mean Nothing To God

Where Does Your Prayer Go?

So, you have all the time been praying, asking God to grant your wishes or for things you were convinced you ought to have in your possession, have you! Have you noticed how many times your wish had been granted? If you have not, start making a note of the requests you make to God now and the number of times God had apparently heard your prayers and responded. You will be most surprised, nay shocked, that pursing of your lips will be more of a gesture you would come up with more often than not.

Pew Forum On Religion and Public Life, possibly the most authoritative pollster, says there are some 2.3 billion Christians living on the Earth. Most of them are just people with supposedly Christian names Alfred or Xavier and have nothing to do with Christ or his teachings. Let us say 1% of these people TRY to be what can broadly be defined as True Christians. They number 23 million.

Now, let us further explore. Let us take only 1 % of these and accord them the moniker True Believers. Let us say, they are 230,000 distinguished people but are not wholly and completely Christ-like, giving allowance for their worldly passions overtaking their God-like qualities now and then, but not very frequently.

Let us reduce their number to 1% and assume these are almost God-like. They number 2,300. What with the compulsions imposed on them by their living on the Earth intruding upon their Godly existence, they are sometimes forced to leave God's presence and direct their attention to something several rungs down below.

So, if again you cut their numbers down to 1% and label this last group of people the true, real, pure Christians and see how many there are. They are 23, these exalted gentlemen and ladies.

God says that if you ask anything of him with full faith, he will award it to you. He also says if you command a mountain with unwavering faith to go drop into an ocean, it will depart pronto and fall it will into ocean.

It is safe to assume that the 23 people prised out of 2.3 billion fit the description of true Christians. They may never think of themselves and whenever they pray to God - which should be most of their waking hours - it would always be for the welfare of others.

What in effect this means is that there are at least 23 truly self-less people who could - without us being blasphemous here - be put on a pedestal from which they have direct access to God. It is reasonable to surmise that God will answer their prayer whatever it is that they ask for. It is also safe to assume that they will always be praying about alleviating humankind's illness, pestilence, banishment of wars and enmities, abolition of poverty from the face of the Earth, etc.

Had any of this happened at any time in a recognizable way that you know anything of? If only one man/woman can move a mountain from land to sea, what can not 23 do?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who never contemplate the existence of God, much less pray to him. They are given the worldly riches in abundance and never fall ill. They are respected by one and all, acquaintances and strangers. Why had God blessed them with all the things mentioned here? Or, are you going to argue that it is not God who bestowed them these?

What about the followers of the other faiths? Aren't there vast number of decent people in this category? What about them? Aren't there lots and lots of people of other faiths blessed with all the things they desire? They never pray to God or Jesus, do they? So, who bequeathed them all the good things they possess, materially and otherwise? Will you dare say it is Satan?

No, sir, it is God. God has only love for his creations. God loves every human being and blesses whoever He takes a fancy to. Do not think God would not indulge in things frivolous.

What did Jesus once reply to his disciples' query about why a man was born blind? His precise reply was that the man was blind because God was using him as a tool to reveal His glory! What about Job? Wasn't it something utterly unreasonable to make an upright and faithful man a pawn in His arch-enemy Satan's hand? Didn't He accord Satan all rights over Job's life except only Job's life? Didn't God know what was in store for Job in the hands of the devious Satan? Didn't He, in spite of being fully aware what was going to happen to Job, hand over job to Satan? Is this not frivolous?

Yes, it is but only in man's perception. God clearly says that His ways are not yours and mine. What this effectively means is yours is not to ask. So, we had better not ask why.

We had better not ask for anything in our prayers either. God knows what to give you, when and how. Didn't Jesus reprimand us for asking for things from God? Didn't he remind us that if God could be conscientious enough to feed wild birds, (very low in God's estimation, by implication), won't He know what to give you?

It is all so simple, really. You must pray. But you must not ask. Pray to praise Him, Pray to thank Him. And be one among the 1,44,000 who will be chosen from among billions of people who had lived here and who will live here, starting from Adam to the last child born until Christ comes back to judge you and I. Amen


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