Zodiac Signs- Real yet Mystical

Astrology identifies and approves for the presence of a total of 12 Zodiac Signs. Apart from creating a twelvefold distinction between the humans, they are also believed to be the representation of intrinsic traits of one’s true individuality.

The Twelve Signs

As already stated, there are a total of twelve Zodiac Signs, which each of them allotted with their respective time zones for which they are applicable, as well as a symbol of representation. They move in a circle of 360°, with Aries sign considered to be the starting point of it.

Here, the four elements as stated collectively denote for the entire existence, as well as the various sources of life which it confines. Also, symbols as used for each sign also communicate a lot about its respective sign. Leo sign with lion as its symbol denotes for aggression, Libra sign with balance as its symbol denotes for sense of balance in life and mentality, and so on.

Those who are born on either the first date or the last date of the brackets of the time zones of Zodiac Signs are astrologically believed to be born on a cusp. They possess qualities and characteristics as represented by their actual Zodiac Sign, as well as the former or the following sign. Therefore, very often, they can find the predictions as made for the former or following sign true for them, apart from the relevancy of the predictions of their own sign.


Zodiac Sign defines the basic qualities or skills which one possesses. It is also a popular ground of identifying the field or nature of work in which one holds good chances of scoring a success. An extension of the same, it also defines the nature of understanding and compatibility which a person is bound to share with people of different Zodiac Signs, as astrology believes that people of a certain sign are bound to be compatible with people of certain signs, and not-so compatible with people of other signs. This is one significant aspect which is essentially considered at the time of the horoscope matching.

Other than that, it can be one valuable law on the grounds on which one can make conscious favorable decisions related to career, education, and relationships at different points of time in life. Also, it defines intrinsic strengths and weaknesses, and positives and negatives of a person of a certain sign. By getting aware of them, one can use one’s strengths and positives in favor to neutralize and conceal negativities and weaknesses.

Horoscope predictions primarily rely upon the Zodiac Sign of a person, and it is only on that ground that astrologers draw out predictions for a day, week, month, year, or an entire life. By reading them, one can get a lot more precise about the things present around them and the way they are. It can also make one learn about the true goals of life.

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ananceleste 5 years ago from California

I have always been intrigued about this. But as many others don't understand it much. Will try to keep researching.

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ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

Hi theastrology! I found your hub very interesting. I know many people who place great faith in the zodiac signs. I don't so much, but do know that certain aspects of my sign actually seem to be about me. Thank you for your information.....

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theastrology 5 years ago from New Delhi Author

Thanks ananceleste.

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theastrology 5 years ago from New Delhi Author

Hi ExoticHippieQueen, Thanks for your valuable comments.

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