God's Sense of Humor and an Answered Prayer

Being born and raised a christian, which has been a very long journey of learning and still so in the process, the term "God stories" has always been a familar tune. I've recently opened up to a whole new outlook in terms of my faith and relationship with God and it is amazingly refreshing to look at what was once so routine and mundane to be now so bright and alive!

My husband and I share the same faith in God and have always believed that he is working everyday in our lives. I've always wondered about the stories I've heard of people having encounters with God, or hearing or receiving messages from him. I honestly enjoy hearing them, but can't really relate personally because I've never experienced my own God story. Well, not in anyway that was very directly towards myself anyway.

 Now this may seem off track, but it relates in the end. My husband has always been my greatest admirer. Even to this day it's not uncommon to hear remarks randomly throughout the day of him saying to the kids, "Your mom is so pretty", "Your mom is hot", or "Mom is so beautiful isn't she?". This is nothing new to any family of ours or close friends lol! My husband never thinks twice about dropping flattering remarks about me around others. If anything, he says things like that to me all the time when it's just the two of us. So when things of that nature are mentioned around family and friends, it's all done in good humor.

 Now recently there's been some things on my husbands mind. Things he's found himself worrying about and contimplating. Everythings all good, just certain things he sometimes second guesses himself on. So the other day he was at the grocery store and called me as he left to tell me something.

"As I was walking into the store an older lady was leaving pushing her cart, so I smile and say hello," he says. "The lady smiled as we passed each other and I continued walking and started shopping. A few moments later the lady comes up to me and asks if I don't mind her telling me something. So I say sure, thinking she's going to try to sell me something or ask for some kind of donation," he says.

"Well, I know that I don't know you and I don't know what your beliefs are, but God is telling me to tell you something. He says that you are a great man, always looking out for your family and others. He knows that you've strayed from him at times in the past, but he knows that you will always come back. He says that he sees you walk in his foot steps everyday and when you do each step is illuminated. He says he has a plan for you, and to continue on your path," she explains.

"Okay, well thank you," my husband responds.

The lady paused for a second and looked down then asked, "I'm sorry, he's telling me to tell you something but I feel uncomfortable saying this. He says that your wife does have a cute butt...."

"Hahaha! Yeah, she does." my husband responds.

"I'm told to tell you that because it's the only way you'd know that this is from him," says the lady.


 So my husband and I go over what had just happened. Nothing huge or spectacular in anyone elses eyes I'm sure. But for my husband, a simply amazing message from God just for him. Even more amazing is the remark he made...."your wife does have a cute butt," Whaaat? That's what got me. A perfect stranger who had no idea who my husband was delivered a message that ended in one line that only God would know totally fits to a tee in my husbands personality. Amazing, simply amazing.

I truly believe God sent that message to my husband through that lady that day. I've known all my life that God is unbelievably great and that without him nothing is possible. But after hearing my husbands story and God's awesome sense of humor, I can't help to feel even more so awe struck over the fact that he took the time to reveal himself to my husband in that way. My husband is amazed and so inspired by the words spoken to him. For him, he's been given a huge confirmation not only in his direction in life, but in his existence in God's eyes. It was a well deserving pat on the back and huge encouragement for him at a difficult time. I've always prayed that God would help my husband find an even deeper relationship with him. Really, I'm speechless about his amazing ways of touching our lives. For my husband his first God story, and for me an answered prayer.

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singlmomat52 profile image

singlmomat52 6 years ago

God does work in mysterious ways!!!!!!

Great Hub!!!

We all should be listening!!!

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hi singlmomat52, he truly does dosn't he? Thank you, take care!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Aw - cheryl - what a lovely amazing account of real faith. I'm sort of an unorthodox God-loving person. Your experience of the presence of God in everthing is rather similar to mine in ways. Certainly I think of the humor involved in creation inasfar as we can see and behold it - and the likelihood that there's more to it than we can fathom.

But your story here is so beautiful and poignant, it brought joyful tears to my eyes and laughter to my face. How totally wonderful

I'm certainly recommending this to one person in particular!! Thank you for sharing!

Voting it up nd every other way!

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hello Nellieanna! I really appreciate your sincere comment. I don't think that I could really portray through words that experience my husband had and his response and personal receiving of it exactly. Part of me felt so blessed for such a moment given to him that I felt that it probably wouldn't be worth sharing only for some slight chance that even mentioning it would take away from that moment itself. But it brought on such an overwhelming feeling of joy and reassurance, that I just had to share it. It's always a pleasure to share my positive moments and experiences here on HP with you all! Thank you, take care Nellieanna. =)

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

God is good, He does wonders in many unexpected ways just to say, He is that close to us. It's then our turn to see him in everything we do, in everything we say. His presence is not boring, it is always sought out for in many ways, too. Great God story, cheryl!

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Thanks Lita! =)

profile image

TattoGuy 6 years ago

That is one heck of a hub _cheryl_ and a great read, I have always believed in these kind of happenings though as I believe in guardian angels, tis moi spiritual side. Anyways you are really cute ; )

As for yer butt, I will take Gods word on that one ; )

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Thanks TG, I'm glad you were able to read it. The cute butt comment, I'm taking as a humorous one and not literal lol! Always love hearing from ya =)

badegg profile image

badegg 6 years ago from Southern Appalachians

I forwarded this hub to my wife (who doesn't hub), and she loved it. I think that you may have won over a new reader. It is funny how God works in funny and mysterious ways.

Thanks for the comments on my mushroom photography.

Where in California do you live? We are from Orange County but presently live in the deep South (what a culture shock!).

Keep in touch!

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Thank you badegg and please send my thanks to your wife as well. You're right, from Orange County to the deep South is a huge culture shock! I'm a couple hours north of Orange actually. The weather here is beautiful right now, in the 80's...but it'll be cooler soon. I'll be reading up soon on your present hometown from your hubs. Thanks again for reading and leaving your comment! :)

DavePrice profile image

DavePrice 6 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

Its funny how hard it is to convince people that God really is interested in us individually and personally, in every detail of our lives - not just the "heavy things", but in the everyday things too. Thanks for a wonderful story - God bless your husband, sounds like a great guy.

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hi DavePrice, you're right. Sometimes I have to give myself a wake up call and remember that he truly is alive and working in our lives every single day. It's just so awesome when he does send a special message specifically towards individuals like he did with my husband. We can't be more thankful and grateful for all he does for our family. It was just perfect timing for that message, and yes- my husband is truly a great man. I appreciate your comment.

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

I liked reading this hub. It's always amazing how certain moments in our lives that happen can inspire us all, and reinforce our beliefs in the spiritual. We all work at a fundamental spiritual level and when wonderful uplifting things happen, we feel so happy and inspired and even rewarded in our lives. It's nice to experience those feelings. They are life affirming. Great hub.

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Astra Nomik, I couldn't have explained it any better than what you've just said. Moments that inspire and are life affirming are so awesome, it truly plants a seed of deeper faith and allows for a refreshing sense of clarity as well as being reminded that we are always loved. Thanks so much for your comment and reading!

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

So you removed my comment because you did not like it? :-)

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

Hi De Greek! I'm sorry...I've never removed any comments. To be honest, I haven't been on HP much lately at all :( Please don't think that I've removed anything...your comments of all people I respect greatly! Anyone know of a way to back track to previous comments that have been "deleted"? De Greek, I always enjoy your comments, there must be some mistake. I hope all is well with you. I've been awful lately about reading up on others, let alone writing. Please feel free comment anytime, your perspective is always welcome!

PhotoTljn7 profile image

PhotoTljn7 6 years ago from United States

Thank you Cheryl for this wonderful story and the Beautiful photo!... wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. St. Matthew 7:20

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 6 years ago from California Author

I appreciate your comment PhotoTijn7, thanks!

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 5 years ago from Texas

Love this hub. Although I have never even felt God in me I do believe in Him. I know he is there but I wish He would just send me a sign some how. There are babies dying every day and killers running the streets. It's kinda hard, you know. Especially when God doesn't answers preyers like " Take this illness away and let me live a good life. Or take all the bad out of this world and start new" but it doesn't happen that way. I know that He has a plan for us all and that we suffer to get even stronger in our faith but it's hard to go through it all and not even hear a "IT WILL BE OK" from him. I do believe in Him I do. I know that he lives in us all. I guess I wish that He could give me a little heads up.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

This is such a cool hub. Very moving and a great moral too.

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

Hi mikielike! I know, it's hard sometimes when we ask obvious things such as illnesses to be gone and things to start anew. But, I think we have to be honest with ourselves in our prayers to him. A lot of it I believe, is he's waiting for us to put everything in perspective...not just focus on a particular issue, but balance everything in our lives and then really put ourselves out there and trust him 500%. I've learned so far (and continue to learn) that I really just need to give up my life to him and strive to be the best I can possibly be in all aspects. I can't say I've experienced any major miracles, but as I look back till now there have been a lot of coincidental circumstances that always lead to everything turning out alright. You're right mikie, he does have a plan for us all. Just continue to believe and never hesitate to take that first step because as long as we do everything possible on our end, with faith God truly does take care of the rest. :) Thanks for your comment!

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

Thaks so much Cheeky Girl! ;)

goprisca profile image

goprisca 5 years ago from Bangalore

This hub is something different for me. Thanks for sharing

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

I'm glad you took the time to read this goprisca. Thanks!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Wonderful! I laughed, and I cried and enjoyed it all. Thank you.

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

Aw, thanks vocalcoach! Such a sweet comment. I'm happy to share this story, it's truly amazing.

howtomodify profile image

howtomodify 5 years ago from usa

Nice Article great going plz keep in touch

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

Thank you howtomodify :)

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


This is one thing I now for a fact- Yes indeed God has a ense of humor- For instance look around us-

Giraffes - funny looking critters sure sure the necks letem eat from higher up still funny-

Duck billed platapus- what was he making it and had some folks come over and forgot what he was doing and just slapped a duck bill on a racoons body that had a beavers tail...

he creates a couple plants that eat bugs-while most bugs eat plants

cows have 8 or 9 stomackes 4 wouldnt cut it?

some crabs have 1 bi claw and one small one - the big one only is useful to attract mates and sometimes fight with...

bats kill 1000s of bugs a day - good for people but we dont like bats

penguins have wings but dont fly-

the Trex and chicken have the same bone structure except the teeth and bill...

laughing hyenas only God and them seem to get the joke

why does an octopus have 8 arms and a squid only 6?

whats up with the walking stick bug- or the bug that looks like a leaf-?

Why did some lizards lose their legs - snakes and others not- salamanders?

why because Gods got a sense of humor-.. i agree-

why does he give you one kid who is just like you but 3x more intense... sense of humor..


_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

Lol! Tom I so agree. I've always thought the platypus was odd, and I actually watched a show on the similarites of the T-Rex and the chicken haha! What better way to show us of his humor by surrounding us with it.... just a huge reminder that sometimes the things around us just don't make sense, and it's not for us to figure it out and simply understand that there is a greater God above us all that wants us to know that he's got it all taken care of. ;) Appreciate your comment TH!

De Greek profile image

De Greek 5 years ago from UK

Just came by to wish you and your loved ones everything good for the coming holidays ;-)

Warm regards.

De Greek

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 5 years ago from California Author

De Greek, sooo nice to hear from you. Hope your holidays were extra special and filled with lots of love and laughter with your friends and family. Wishing you a very blessed New Year!! :)

isenhower33 profile image

isenhower33 4 years ago from Crothersville, IN

Good hub :) Thanks for sharing :)

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 4 years ago from California Author

Thank you isenhower33 :)

Raitu Disong profile image

Raitu Disong 3 years ago

wow! I enjoy reading this article:)

God bless you for sharing Cheryl !

_cheryl_ profile image

_cheryl_ 3 years ago from California Author

Thanks so much Raitu Disong! :)

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