alcoholic angel

Pain peppering my mind like a powder burn, thought's start to race with each twist and turn. Dust erupting from the thick radials Jimmy suddenly slam's on the brakes. A gravely washboard corner attack's the truck like a jackhammer, feathering the throttle a tired V-8 screams out oily smoke leaving dual ghostly image's flying down the wooded road.

Pulling my leg up every cell remembers, HURRY UP MAN LET'S GO! Panicked mumbles plead from the back seat. Drop me off at home...please just take me home! I'm late for dinner, but my foot keeps reaching for the brake pedal. ''What the hell happened back there?'' A whispered scream translates horrible terror. The resonating rhythm of the over-revved engine drowns out all fear, faster is the only answer.

Tires leaving the ground the ride gains an uneasy smoothness, time stops and the crash begins. Closing my eye's gravel start's to tear the truck apart. Raining slowly at first, then stream's of rocks fly past my head landing with a tiny emptiness. Leaving the road; grass and sticks play like a jazz snare beating my body into total percussion. Bass drum's pound in my head as the trip ends. Sight begins to fade into a silvery dusty haze, angels pumping wings begin to show me the way.

Looking down at the crash I can make out Busch's, shell casings litter the scene. Shining like stars of guilt, an angel holds up a can pointing out the mistakes I've maid. Geometrical eyes pierce my soul ensuring me to be afraid; others have been affected and debt's must be paid. Consciously aware how the path has been laid, now second guessing why my wings had to be made. Shedding light, I shouldn't have even been out that night.

Returning to the beginning I hope to set things straight, no more liquid encouragement or cracking hate. Following these impulses leads to fate, changing my path I head for the pearly gate. Movements seem restricted by new feathers, a lighted wing body is a sobering experience. Not to sure of the control's my toe's grip the edge, curiosity pushing me further I peer into eternity. Shook by the sight I see an entrance, observing ends and beginnings I free-fall into the void. Wings spreading; a racing wind shears across new tips, I promise you father never a drop past these lips.

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rick combe profile image

rick combe 5 years ago from USA

Is this based on a true story? Either way....

goego profile image

goego 5 years ago from Loserland Author

yes it is...and if you drink and drive the UFO's WILL show up, peace from heaven.

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

Somehow I never got caught but fate is funny that way. I am stone sober now and fully realize how lucky I was and how much time I still have left to get it right this second time around.

Thanks for the share; awesome story for sure and one I can see in my mind's eye quite easily.

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