angels from heaven

Angels are god's messangers from heaven to earth....those who are pure in heart are lucky to meet the angels from heaven....may u b the lucky one today meet an angel in your dream

The above photo is very shows an angel coming down the steps from is based on some work of a great writer ......the red colour indicates blood...n the petals falling off shows that the loving children of our father is slipping away......white colur shows the purity and innocence...of the angel.....the water below refers to looks sad with her head dropped...on the plight of the think urself and change.....

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redefine 8 years ago from pulpally/trivandrum india Author


jithu 8 years ago


sherri 4 years ago

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Linda Roberts 3 years ago

Our angels are with us everyday of our life... But they can only help if we invite them to...

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