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Using terms of our current mainstream scientific paradigms, why would astrology work?

I'm looking for serious scientific thoughts such as ideas related to Seasonal Affective Disorder or how the Moon affects people physiologically.

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fen lander says

4 years ago
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    cascoly 4 years ago

    htat's scientific gibberish -- those quantum effects you mention work only on the smallest levels imaginable - the 'constant communication ' stuff is just nonsense

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Shahid Bukhari says

4 years ago
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ptosis says

4 years ago
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cascoly says

4 years ago
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    SantaCruz 4 years ago

    Hi Cascoly. I know that SAD isn't related to astrology. I mentioned it in the question to help prime people to generate more appropriate ideas. That said, there could be a correspondence between disposition and the amount of sunlight a baby receives.

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MisterH says

4 years ago
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    fen lander 4 years ago

    Astrologers do not make up anything, except their minds. Astrology is the PRIMAL science on which ALL science is based. It is based-on empirical observation - not imagination and wishful thinking. Science is blind.

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