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Is Hinduism a Vedic religion?

Are Hindus true followers of Vedic teachings or just idol worshipers or partial believers in the Vedas? I feel Hinduism predates Vedas and is a way of life of the aborigines of India; They learnt some good things from the Vedas but have continued with idol worship which is not advocated in the Vedas.

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Best Answer nareshbehera says

4 years ago
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    Vegas Elias 4 years ago

    Hi Naresh,

    I am happy to find people who know this and don't confuse Vedic beliefs with Hinduism. I have not read the Vedas but read extracts of them here and there on the internet by Vedic scholars. I find Vedic worship to be true.

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James Grant Smith (JamesGrantSmith) says

3 years ago
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