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You like Celtic, you'd be surprised to know the Jewish lineage ends up there and the British isles.

The Bible tells of Josephs sons being blessed by Jacob, and how his two sons Ephraim and Menasah would be great nations. Strong evidence to suggest Britain and America. Please read link below, and stop practicing wicca. It's not good for you soul. http://the-red-thread.net/ephraim-manasseh-roles.html

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Author Nicole Canfield (kittythedreamer) says

4 years ago
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Mazzy Bolero says

4 years ago
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    MickS 4 years ago

    It is also interesting that at the time of Troy, a Greek tribe, the Danaan, marched west, We had the Tuatha Danaan in Ireland, there are lots of incidents like this, that are meaningless.

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MickS says

4 years ago
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