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Has anyone ever experience something strange that could not be explained?

Not too long after my mother's demise, I had a vivid dream about her. She was smiling a big smile with her old teeth, rather than her dentures and she was holding my hands in hers. I woke up instantly and could still see her vivid face in my mind and what was really wierd, I could still feel her hands in mine. I truly beleive my mother visited me that night. Also I should be dead by a train. I skidded at the tracks when train was coming, but somehow I ended up parrell to the tracks instead of in train's path! I could never make my car skid like that before or after....hmmm.....

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tree of wisdom says

4 years ago
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    backporchstories 4 years ago

    Appreciate the link to your wonderful hub, but fail to see the connection....