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How would you estimate the toll of emotional illiteracy on the modern world?

It is no longer news that the real predictor of success in life is not IQ, but emotional intelligence. People who can recognize their own feelings, feelings of others, control them and effectively navigate in the social world become the most successful. Yet, as we move into the future, the world becomes less and less social and children are the first to pay the price for modernity. They experience withdrawal and social problems, anxiety and depression, attention or thinking problems or become aggressive or delinquent. What is your opinion or experience?

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Nellieanna Hay (Nellieanna) says

3 years ago
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CynthiAnn says

3 years ago
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    Mr. Happy 3 years ago

    "On top of in-person contact" - The point is that nowadays, many kids spend much more time on their electronic portable devices, video-games, computers and so on that person to person activities are frequented less and less, as compared to the past.

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