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How do you make the right choice when you find yourself in a gray area between right and wrong?

Have you ever found yourself in situation where right and wrong seemed to blend together? How does one make the best choice in this kind of situation? Even after seeking help to resolve it, you still end up in that gray area. Has this ever happened to you.

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Mitch Alan says

3 years ago
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    graceinus 3 years ago

    Mitch- I believe you may have brought up a good point. It may be most of the time self-inflicted. But not always self-inflicted. Many thanks.

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MickS says

3 years ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 3 years ago

    Interesting. As I understand this answer, and I see the point, it cannot be interesting. It is either wrong or right. Well then it must be wrong.

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