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Do you think God could be a giant consciousness, constructed by all the minds in the Universe?

Imagine an "ALL KNOWING GOD", knowing everything You and I know, along with everything else that is alive or has ever been alive, and having a perfect memory of every detail. What would we look like to him? Would we still be important to God? Would God think about us? Would God look at us as we would look at the brain's cells? Is the Universe or the Multiverse a construct for the Mind of God? Would we ever be able to truly know? Is there any way to proove it either way? What do you think?

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Ameliam Michelle (ameliam.michelle1) says

3 years ago
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tvs290 says

3 years ago
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    ChapmanHester 3 years ago

    Personally I've always thought of the Multiverse as a Multidimensional Intelligence Construct for a "God Like Entity"