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Do you think evil is necessary?

I understand that everything in the world exists in pair. Hence evil is as necessary as good. Evil balances the good and thus retains the stability of this universe.

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Best Answer Tyson Walker (twalker74) says

3 years ago
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PoeticPhilosophy says

3 years ago
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  • Ben Blackwell 3 years ago

    That is exactly what I believe myself, but I was not aware that this was already a proposed thought. Thanks, and it has inspired another question that I will post.

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Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) says

3 years ago
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Michael Ward (CrescentSkies) says

3 years ago
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    Siddharth (hubmuffins) 3 years ago

    Yes you're right

    there cannot be good without evil

    you have to have evil to judge what's good

    you cannot just have good. But you can have a bit of both. Ratios changing over the course of life. But you should burry the evil part of you deep within. L

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EVIL in the Human Mind and Consciousness85

EVIL in the Human Mind and Consciousness

2 years ago
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Borsia says

3 years ago
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