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Do Jews in rural areas drive lots of miles for Temple or just skip it?

I'm curious, Since Synagogues/Temples aren't in every city, what do Jews do that live 30+ miles from their local Temple? Skip or make the drive?

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Brainy Bunny says

3 years ago
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  • ElleBee 3 years ago

    This summarizes any answer I would have given very well. I know that I lived in a city with a moderately sizable jewish community for a few years, and we would always see folks walking to synagogue on Saturday mornings.

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Rachel Weiner says

2 years ago
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    qeyler 2 years ago

    There are two types of Jews; those who must do everything Halachial...that is to match the complete law, and those who, to maintain the faith will do what they have to.

    Orthodox Jews do not drive on Shabbat. They can ride a bicycle, but that is it

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qeyler says

3 years ago
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Paula (fpherj48) says

3 years ago
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Deborah Sexton says

3 years ago
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