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Do you think it's okay for Pastor's to not want to be called pastor?

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Pn'N (PlanksandNails) says

3 years ago
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    carla rae 3 years ago

    Ephesions 4:11 Somehow their should be a balance between unnatural attention to ones office and feeling guilty or inadequate of our calling in a leadership gift.

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Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

3 years ago
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charlie (celafoe) says

2 years ago

sheilamyers says

3 years ago
  • Motown2Chitown 3 years ago

    Those who say it is not a "title" are correct. When addressing a pastor by his title, it would be correct to say "Reverend (Last Name)" if his ministry degree is a Masters or "Doctor (Last Name)" if he holds a Doctorate. :)

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Motown2Chitown says

3 years ago