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Do you believe "reparative" therapy works?

Meaning - Do you believe 'ex-gay' therapy works? I ask from a neutral POV, and will not try to convince you differently to what you believe (nor should anyone else). I am curious to see if people believe it works, and what types they know of, why they think it works/doesn't work, and if they know of anyone who has tried it, did it work? etc. I have asked this question similar in another area as I wish to have a cross section of answers..you may answer twice. Anyone who has been through this, if it triggers or offends you - I apologise sincerely.

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Sue Pratt (Marsei) says

2 years ago
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d.william says

2 years ago
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    Jacqui (jlpark) 2 years ago

    Thanks d! I'm curious to see if anyone thinks it works, and why. I have an opinion on whether it does or not, but wish to look into the opinion of a cross section of society (or HP at least!). THanks for your answer

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