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Where is the turning the other check and loving your enemies?

In my two years on hubpages, I have seen more insults, name calling and downright rude behavior from self professed religious people than I have anywhere else. Atheists and agnostics are responsible for our own share of negativity, but time and time again, I have seen several religious people blame their actions on others, refusing to take responsibility for their own behavior. No one is perfect, and tempers do get heated, but it seems to be the same group baiting, insulting and flying off the handle when an atheist shows up, regardless of what they actually contribute. Why?

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Best Answer kimberlyfriend says

2 years ago
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    Julie McFarland (JMcFarland) 2 years ago

    thank you for your honest and open answer. It is respected and appreciated.


Daveadam says

2 years ago