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Do you believe in the reality of quantum energy ?

Although science has not fully embraced the presence of unforeseen energy which has been delved upon in quantum physics, personal experience led me to believe that this untapped energy exists. If such force does not exist, how then do you explain the "miracles" of telekinesis , mental telepathy and coincidences. I believe there is more to these phenomenon than meets the eye. It behooves us as a collective human race to acknowledge its presence in our daily lives.It might just be the answer to a lot of the deficiencies in our lives.

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manatita44 says

2 years ago
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Globetrekkermel says

2 years ago
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Daveadam says

2 years ago
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    Globetrekkermel 2 years ago

    Thank you Daveadam .You said it all. If only humankind can practice those principles ,what a better world it would be, wouldn't it?