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Homosexuality vs. Heterosexual adultery in Book of Leviticus

Leviticus 20/13 and 20/11 give the same punishment for both. And yet, even though there are considerably much more heterosexuals in the world than homosexuals, preacher bash homosexuals many more times than they do hetero-adultery. Surely enough, hetero-adultery is more common than homosexuality... E. Durkheim (the most intuitive of atheist philosophers) says it's all about the buddy system - i.e., most people in church are hetero, so it's easier to attack homos - the them vs us concept in sociology. Your take?

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TwerkZerker says

2 years ago
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    John Sarkis 2 years ago

    - Well said! I'm a Christian, though I adhere to Kierkegaardian Christianity i.e., I want to know on my own terms, because no matter what, our existance is subjective; I love Christ! ...sin is sin, but one shouldn't be worse/better than other...

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Robert the Bruce says

2 years ago
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SirDent says

2 years ago
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