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If a hospital was built that only offered prayer, how would those who believe in prayer respond?

Would they be faithful, and go, or would they be forced to use their reason, and seek REAL modern medical cures and treatment? But, then, what would this say about their faith?

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dashingscorpio says

2 years ago
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    getitrite 2 years ago

    Although that's a fact, the actual PRAYER had no effect, whatsoever, on the outcome. And this would put prayer in the same camp as wishful thinking...or being hopeful, which only affects the person who is praying...but nothing external.

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Rod Martin Jr (lone77star) says

2 years ago
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Snøwman says

2 years ago
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    Aime (Aime F) 2 years ago

    I'm sure someone who has spent 15 years learning, studying, and working 18 hours a day to become a doctor/surgeon really appreciates people who say it was all God's doing.

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