Are the lives of our sons and daughters in uniform worth the Freedom for our nation?

Having served in the military for a number of years I know what it's like to serve my country. I understood the risk we take as members of the Armed Forces. I knew the risk of being sent to war or in other forms of harms way. But when my own sons reached that age in which they could serve I was more scared for them than I ever was for myself. In order for our nation to remain free, someone has to serve.

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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

20 months ago
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  • graceinus 20 months ago

    Tsad- Thanks for your comment. The following is my Dad's quote, " Only an idiot would look forward to war, but should war come we're going to need a lot of smart."

    Our elected officials seem to be missing the "smart" part.

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Rich Kelley says

22 months ago
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  • graceinus 22 months ago

    Rich- Thanks for your comment. I realize reasons for enlisting in the Armed Forces will vary from person to person. And I agree with you on many of your points. I can't help but wonder how much more bad off this nation would be if no one served.

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