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How can anyone read Mt 24: 37-44 and Lk 17: 26-36 and believe in a rapture of the saints.

Both of these scriptures CLEARLY say as in the days of Noah and Lk even adds Lot. BOTH of these situations it was the UNRIGHTEOUS that were removed from the earth and the Righteous were kept safe ON THE EARTH as will be done after the judgement. Yet people believe THE LIE THAT APOSTATE CHURCH TELLS THEM THAT is directly opposite of what it says. WHY?

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graceinus says

24 months ago
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chevyssbowtie says

24 months ago
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    charlie (celafoe) 24 months ago

    Absolutely not he was on the water on the earth. He never left the earth and he inherited the earth when he returned Lot was walking on the land. You have bought the lie. Look at Goshen, God protected them , no move

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