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How do we know that Islam is the fasting growing religion in the world?

I saw one mosque in my city. I see less than one person/group per month with traditional Muslim attire on. I do know some people from the Middle East but they don't speak of religion. Some will speak of their country or conflict with the United States. I have never met anyone who became a Muslim other than guys who became Black Muslims in prison and girlfriends of these guys. That's not a slam but a fact from my experience. How do we know Islam is growing?

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Irfan (arksys) says

22 months ago
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    G. Diane Nelson Trotter (dianetrotter) 22 months ago

    It seems that counting births is a way to pad the number. Births are not counted in Christianity because that is not how one becomes a Christian. It seems like comparing apples and oranges.

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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

22 months ago
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