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Have you ever met a truly evil person?

Some people think there's no such thing as evil. What do you think? Have you met someone you believe was evil? How did you know?

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Paula (fpherj48) says

17 months ago
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  • ChristinS profile image

    Christin Sander (ChristinS) 17 months ago

    Wow, scary and sad that the mentally challenged man took the fall. Unfortunately, the mental health crisis in this country is off the chain - but that's another subject. Glad they caught the real culprit.

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Cammy Walters says

17 months ago
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Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

17 months ago
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  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula (fpherj48) 17 months ago

    Chris..U just gave me goosebumps up & down my spine! Sadly the world is rampant w/ these creatures. Fortunately if we can recognize them, we can do our best to avoid them & protect ourselves & loved ones.Everyone should KNOW one,just to b

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Shauna L Bowling (bravewarrior) says

17 months ago
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Brian Leekley (B. Leekley) says

17 months ago
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  • adagio4639 profile image

    adagio4639 17 months ago

    I really like your answer, and find that I agree with what you say.


Tamara (firework23) says

13 months ago
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