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Convince me of your God - here's your chance!

Regardless of whether your God is the Christian Yahweh, the smiling Buddha, or a number of the many thousands I cannot mention here. I'd like to be convinced of your God - here is an opportunity to practice your conversion speech - perfect it. Yes, I'm non-religious, but I'm curious as to how many would go about convincing someone such as myself of their God. I ask this because much of the behaviour I have seen of people here is turning more away from faith than bringing to - I'd like to make you think about the way you are approaching things, and a chance to test it out. Have fun, play nice

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cathylynn99 says

20 months ago
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    Jacqui (jlpark) 20 months ago

    Thanks for yr answer. Do u mind me asking what happened to make you leave the faith?

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Austinstar says

20 months ago
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    cathylynn99 20 months ago

    false dichotomy. it's not just god or satan. perhaps it's nothing. how can i not believe in your god? the same way you don't believe in thor.

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