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Where Was Jesus After The Crucifixion And Before The Resurrection?

Besides being in a tomb, where was Jesus after the crucifixion and before the resurrection, in a spiritual sense, according to the Bible? I am not asking where His body was, but where or what was happening spiritually speaking. Serious, scriptural or studied replies only please, thank you.

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Elijah Alfred (The0NatureBoy) says

17 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 17 months ago

    Eli: Omnipresent! Lk 24:13-32.Talked to "living beings!" I Pet 3:19. Talked to "those in grave." Oh ye of little faith concerning Lazarus!

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Norine Williams says

17 months ago
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  • The0NatureBoy profile image

    Elijah Alfred (The0NatureBoy) 17 months ago

    NW, notice "Purgatory" is the place for the discarnated, so Yoshua could have gone there to speak to those in Rev 6:9-11, to be replaced after the fall of Mystery Babylon (Rev 14:13), but not the rest of the discarnated.

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Kiss andTales says

17 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 17 months ago

    K&T: Pls explain "Jesus was DEAD 3 days in grave?" The "flesh" (Christ) died but Jesus' Spirit NEVER died! Did I misunderstand u? What "SIN" did Jesus have for your "validation" "wages of SIN is death?"

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Slarty O'Brian says

17 months ago
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  • Kiss andTales profile image

    Kiss andTales 17 months ago

    Was that suppose to be funny ? I am not laughing. Very offensive is what I get out of your comment.

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