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What does Bilble say about a beliver/Protestant girl marrying a Catholic?

Are there any references? Is it possible to have an interfaith marriage?

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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

17 months ago
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Titen-Sxull says

17 months ago
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  • Stargrrl 17 months ago

    Right, but Norine makes an excellent point below. What religion will the child practice? Where will the child be baptized? What church will the family go on Sunday?

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Melvin Augustine (Mellyunplugged) says

17 months ago
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Norine Williams says

17 months ago
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    Melvin Augustine (Mellyunplugged) 17 months ago

    So Technically speaking, an interfaith marriage is possible, right? Controversies, yes it is always a part and parcel of such marriages. But I wanna make sure that Bible does not restrict from doing so.

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