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Why was Kent Hovind put in jail?

If Kent Hovind did what most people do in his situation then why is he in jail? Why is Kent Hovind being targeted still to this day?

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Steven Miller (steve8miller) says

17 months ago
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    Titen-Sxull 17 months ago

    Why would you ask a question and then answer it yourself? If you already believe this conspiracy theory nonsense why bother asking in the first place?

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Titen-Sxull says

17 months ago
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Link10103 says

17 months ago
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    Steven Miller (steve8miller) 17 months ago

    If you know about his situation then you know he went to jail for Structuring. So you think the IRS can just jail someone or seize their assets on a whim? He did what everyone does in his situation when it comes to withdrawing their own money.

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