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What Did Jesus Say About Going To Church?

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Serenity Miller (serenityjmiller) says

16 months ago
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  • Joshtheplumber 16 months ago

    Nice! As I recall, he considered your body the temple. He had his own ideas, but was also a Rabbi, so he did try to incorporate his ideas into the traditional customs of the time. Rabbis were required to be married by the way.

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John Connor (connorj) says

16 months ago
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Mara Alexander (MonkeyShine75) says

16 months ago
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  • Rich kelley profile image

    Rich Kelley 16 months ago

    When Hb 10:25 was written, there were no churches. This although used to goad people into attendance at church is not about that at all. They were afraid of being put out of the synagogue if seen with other believers/disciples.Hence the admonishment.

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