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What Does The Word Eucharist Mean In Christianity?

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Mordred Amber-Blythe (Mihnea Andreescu) says

18 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 18 months ago

    Which is a LIE for Rm 14:21 " is not good by which it causes one's brother to stumble or is offended." [paraphr] Do you think Jesus would say give for Communion after He said this?


Norine Williams says

18 months ago
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  • lawrence01 profile image

    Lawrence Hebb (lawrence01) 17 months ago


    The Eucharist is a Latin term for Holy Communion. Your reference in Romans was Paul talking about Drunkenness and not necessarily wine. Paul tells Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach (1 Tim 5vs23) why wouldn't Jesus use wine for it?

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