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What Happens When A Christian Becomes Saved?

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Elijah Alfred (The0NatureBoy) says

14 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 14 months ago

    Hi Eli: "AFTER those days" means after He resurrected, after He sent the HS (Acts 2:2), He'd began "putting laws in our hearts, & writing them in our minds" as He did w/apostles! So it wasn't "Paul" speaking but JESUS (HS)!

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charlie (celafoe) says

12 months ago
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  • The0NatureBoy profile image

    Elijah Alfred (The0NatureBoy) 12 months ago

    Since the fig tree budded in 1948 when historical Israel became a nation and 80 years ends a generation, we reborn man [what all reborn becomes per Genesis 2:24] will endure the world's end not exceeding 2028, thus, we'll endure until the end.

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Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

14 months ago
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  • The0NatureBoy profile image

    Elijah Alfred (The0NatureBoy) 14 months ago

    ED, comprehending Jesus (Mat 24:13), saved means to survive civilization's end especially because Rev 19:21 reads the unsaved discarnates and & 20:5 reincarnates after the 1st millennium, unwritten is they continue reincarnating until raptured.

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Norine Williams says

14 months ago
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Rich Kelley says

14 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 13 months ago

    Rich: Oh Yes we "KNOW!" Things we used to do doesn't interest us anymore! Supernatural changes are made in our lives! Renewed minds! Must tell ALL of the "Good News!!"

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dashingscorpio says

14 months ago
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  • Kiss andTales profile image

    Kiss andTales 14 months ago

    Well people view getting saved with baptism , Baptism is ones contract and dedication to do the work of the Heavenly Father.

    Like a Job when you agree verbal or by contract you have a Job, one sided agreement will not be binding ,

    Being saved same

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