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Is a person who preaches and insists that his way is right any different than a preacher in a church

There are those who demand that they have Holy Spirit divine guidance. Yet they "hate" churches. The elephant in the room is that they do the exact same thing. Holding court and demanding that their way is the only right way. Do the robes and paycheck really make a difference?

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Norine Williams says

7 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 7 months ago

    You sound just like a hierling. You speak and write here for profit. I just do not get the difference with you and Planks and Kingdom and Celefoe. One yells hard at the other.

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Angele Parris says

7 months ago
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    Ruby Jean Fuller (always exploring) 7 months ago

    Oh Manatita, You are so wise. This is definitely my last time to comment on religion. We love Eric and are inspired by his sermons.

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manatita44 says

7 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 7 months ago

    II Kings 17:29;32-41! What "Divine?" If you serve Buddha or ANY OTHER thing they are "idols!" You are as the "Catholic Faith" worshiping "Mary!" You teach nothing but "love" which u don't have for GOD or u would "Feed His Sheep" but who cares?

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Ruby Jean Fuller (always exploring) says

7 months ago
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  • Norine Williams 7 months ago

    Ruby: IT'S not your way, your "church's" way, or my way, BUT GOD'S (WORD) WAY! Exd 20:3

    ERIC: If I asked "Don't run," it means "YOU" don't run. Matt 7:1 means "YOU" don't judge but WORD (GOD/RIGHTEOUS) can ONLY If WRITTEN in WORD (Lev 19:17+MORE)!

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