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Part 2: Why do many atheists accept Buddhism?

As a practicing Buddhist, I am concerned that some people think that Buddha is God and therefore Buddhists worship God. Nothing I have ever read or practiced refers to Buddha as God. I do understand the references to "gods" in Buddhism as guiding spiritual beings. But "a god" is not "the God". If you know anything about Buddhism, I welcome your thoughts on this subject in case I am misunderstanding something. I should add that this post is "Part 2" because a previous post made an inaccurate answer the "best answer" as it fit the OP's opinion. Then he shut off all answering.

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Kelli (Kelli Woolworth) says

2 months ago
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    Scott Bateman (promisem) 2 months ago

    Great answer, Kelli. I can tell you have a good understanding of Buddhism.


peter565 says

8 weeks ago
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    Scott Bateman (promisem) 8 weeks ago

    You make a great point about the introduction of Confucism and Buddhism to the west. People who don't know Buddhism bring their cultural biases into their perceptions of the religion. And yes, I agree that Buddhism can cure some of our woes.