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Did you know that at least by October 1995 there were more Muslims than Jews living in the USA?

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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

3 months ago
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    Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) 3 months ago

    You were correct to question the numbers. Muslims in USA in 2010 were about 2,595.000 and will be about 6,216,000 by 2030. Jews in 2014 were estimated at about 5.7 million and possibly declining. America exceeds Israel in #s of both. Thanks.

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

3 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 3 months ago

    Oh my God such horrors. Arab/Muslim and Jews share more than the disagree. But that is silly as the huge vast majority of both are peace loving worshiping people with good in their heart, Numbers do not mead squat. Oh I say curtail and be procedural

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