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I can not imagine that some people believe in / or worship an idols or a cow ?

These things are not able to help themseves let alone to help me !How comes that I worship the idol which I make by my hands or the cow which the almighty God created for my benefit !

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Why "Idols" and Animals Are "Worshipped"82

Why "Idols" and Animals Are "Worshipped"

6 years ago
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    Mahmo 4 years ago

    I read your opinion and I think that When you say Egyptians I think you mean the Faroahs because the majority of the people who live currently in Egypt are Muslims who can never do this practice of pagans.

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sushant143 says

6 years ago
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Mahmo says

6 years ago
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Disillusioned (C.V.Rajan) says

5 years ago
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