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I want to become a wicca but everbody said that I'm a normal person without any ESP.

But I still want to become a wicca! It is my dream. I want to help everyone by becoming a wicca. I want become an expert in reading crysal ball and tarot cards. But everybody said I don't have any ESP so I can't become a wicca. Can you help me what must a believe? Can I become a wicca or just a normal person with a normal life? Please answer me quickly, Arabella. I need you answer as fast as you can. ps: If I become a wicca, will Jesus hate me for becoming something like witch? And I can't become a catholic again if I'm become a wicca? Are wicca same as a child of Satan?

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MickS says

6 years ago
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Adele Cosgrove-Bray (AdeleCosgroveBray) says

6 years ago
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ThriftyWitch says

5 years ago
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