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In one sentence, please tell us what gift religion/spirituality has taught you.

You may use more words to describe this sentence. I don't expect anyone to sum up their relationship or religion/spirituality in one sentence. I was just looking for beautiful words to use to reflect on. For example, mine would be - "I see the Divine in everything and everyone - and cherish that presence; Life is sacred." But I may feel I need more words to elaborate on that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I would like to write a hub of these and turn them into mantras.

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Sue Bond says

5 years ago
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Sheila Craan (Craan) says

5 years ago
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Michael Adewale Olubode (micadeolu) says

5 years ago
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iamnotfrancis says

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Christina M. Castro (CMCastro) says

5 years ago
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Saintatlarge says

5 years ago
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Erin LeFey says

5 years ago
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Carrie DeSha says

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jasper420 says

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