can it be visualized? can it be shared?

We have exhausted and overused language. So far from meaning are our spoken languages of the world that words would long to be simply symbols again. Consensus is scarce and understanding little. How much communication actually occurs through written or spoken language? Body language is hardly a consistent or agreed upon language at all but more an obvious, though subtle use of space and vibration. At the core we may say we "know" or perhaps, agree, that I am over here, in me and you are somewhere else in you and we need a basis for understanding the world around us, each other and ourselves. Thus, we have to find a way to send messages, to send meaning and information back and forth. Information about information, inside and outside. Unfortunately we both have a thousand vales and screens, earplugs and translators that make up our body and all data received is screened, interpreted and filed before what the consciousness we consider to be ourselves is allowed to encounter it. This happens in less than a second. Our screens are finely tuned machines, built to manage, condense and delete. They generate and reinforce our values and concept of the world. This is how our communal reality is created and maintained. Now is always a clip show, carefully edited before being perceived.

If we are to move forward, into the future actively and responsibly then we must embrace the idea of moving beyond language as we currently understand it. Words, like fire, are inherently dangerous because of their lack of any inherent truth, universal meaning or value. However, when used wisely they can transport us to other places, abolish fear and confusion, allow for the release of expression and generate countless other empowering, healthy experiences. Likewise, when used inversely the consequences can be as extreme as the complete death of entire civilizations. Like fire, words can rapidly spread ideas but will do so without consideration for the ethical implications or consequences. Language does not care about who is using it, so long as it is being used. When imbued with meaning and desire language can transcend physical boundaries and even help to explain the unexplainable. Some even claim to have the ability to speak special words and create magic, Terrence McKenna claimed that during his encounter with the Machine Elves of Reality he was shown how to summon objects into being with language and that reality is in someway comprised of language.

Great wonders can and have been unlocked and expressed thanks to intelligent use of language but we humans often get stuck when we find something new and pretty. This is a sympathy we see many of the worlds religions playing to every day. Rupert Sheldrake once spoke of language as a beautiful kaleidoscope in an antique store. He explained that while everyone picks it up, looks in and thinks "oh how beautiful" most people then immediately put the kaleidoscope back down, not giving much thought to it. Why? Because it's boring, while it is stunningly beautiful, it has no meaning at all. We are quickly reaching a point where we are finding more and more meaning in the world around us yet our languages have almost entirely lost meaning. We have everything to talk about, all the tools to talk about them but we've forgotten how to use them and don't know where the instruction book is. Like a blind and deaf man, gagged, dehydrated and starving in a field of fruit by a freshwater lake. This is why the idea of a visual, multimedia language now seems so appealing and is catching on so fast.

As computers, phones, television and other personal communication and information technologies continue to combine, condense and become more prevalent in our society they begin to transfer more meaningful information in a matter of seconds than an entire book could. Much more can be expressed or shared with a friend on the other side of the country through sharing a link to a website as calling them and talking about your days. Similarly why tell your friend about a commercial or article you saw when you can just send it directly to them, or even video record an event happening and send it to someone somewhere else. So much information and meaning, yet so little of what we would call language. There is of course, once again that same danger. The wrong intent or too much complacency can flip even this newly forming multimedia language on its head. Look at Facebook, MTV, "sexting" and all those other cultural monsters that have become encode and internalized within the new technologies themselves. It is never the language but rather the users of the language that can pervert what would be communication into total, confused disaray.

Whatever direction we choose, we must each of us try to communicate more. Directly. The passivity of head nods, lay hand shakes and mumbled greetings only helps to kill the usefulness of language. As does gossip and celebrity worship. If the true power of words is that they make reality and each of our own experiences of life can be affected by language and words, then we must be more conscious of the words we use. The Buddha called it "right speech" and many others have called it many other things. Speaking positive, living, healthy speech and conversation will draw those things to you while negative, hateful or fearful speech will only breed more of those dark things.

Moving into our future we must begin to wonder what is going on? Inside and out. Can our internal experiences of life be visualized and then communicated? How? Is life mysterious in principle or is it a describable, relateable thing? If we are so immersed in this, what could be spiritual, world how can we find a way to begin discussing this? Clearly our old methods of language via words are insufficient for the job, but what then? How can we get beyond simple verbal representation to something more universaly meaningful? These are the troublesome questions we must begin to ask and discuss together as a species if we are to continue sharing this world. Tensions and bitterness in the world have grown to extreme levels. Understanding is needed but until we understand ourselves and what is going on around us we cannot understand others and their communities.

Now is the time to begin language a new. We have a chance to each find new modes of communication and meaning now, today, every moment. All that is required is a more active and aware state of being. True, deep listening, feeling and responding in space. When the impulse comes, take a breath, open your mouth and see what comes out. Let it be dangerous - don't plan it and don't judge it...just communicate. Take what is on the inside and show it outside through speech, dress and most importantly, action. We must each be our own language, tatooed on the surface of the earth, running and blending with each other. Beautiful scribbles on a beautiful pad. Infinite unseen connections. Connecting the dots. Etch, sketch, shake shake, erase.


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