Signs Of The Zodiac: Capricorn

The Laughing Goat (CC.BY.2.0)
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Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

This lens will be focusing on Capricorns. I am a Capricorn myself so naturally I want to celebrate all the great attributes of Capricorns and maybe some of their (very few) negative traits as well.

I was born on December 28th and so was my little sister 11 years after me. It's a horrible day for a birthday as everyone is exhausted after a hectic Christmas and getting geared up to celebrate the New Year. We are the 'inbetweenies'.

Read on to see if I have captured your Capricorn personality, take part in the poll and read the comments, there are some interesting opinions, and of course, we'd like to read yours.

UPDATE I've now included more interactive sections. Negative traits, career/job suggestions and Capricorns as lovers/partners. Each section has its own comments so feel free to ask a question, or respond to one in these sections. I've had to limit the number of comments visible, as the page length was becoming a bit unwieldy. All comments are moderated.

Capricorns are Solid and Dependable

Like a rock...

Capricorns appear serious and pretty boring at times. However, don't let that fool you into thinking that is their true nature. It isn't. It is true that we are reliable and loyal, calm and strong-willed, but we also have a streak of fun-loving, creative loveliness going on. We are great workers, always taking a project to its conclusion. Our standards are high and discipline in the workplace is a must. We also like to have a little respect from employers and co-workers for our efforts. That doesn't rule out the occasional need to kick over the traces and have a lark.

Capricorns are very profound thinkers. They thoroughly explore all options before deciding on the safest alternative. They have good memories and an insatiable desire for knowledge. They are rational, logical, and clear-headed and delight in debate. They thrive on showing off their cleverness and luring their adversaries into traps.

Capricorns do tend to impose their standards on others and this can set them apart and cause friction. This is one of Capricorn's life lessons. We must learn to live and let live.

Capricorns don't let life get them down. We simply buckle down and get on with the job, whether we be high-ranking executives or office cleaners. When faced with adversity, we plan how to deal with it and then deal with it. We do have a tendency towards an immediate negative response - maybe a moan or we say no to something before considering it properly. Once we have worked through a mental list of obstacles, everything is fine and we can get on with whatever challenge we are faced with. We are usually (but not always) organized so that we can tackle more than one project at a time. We love being wealthy, not because we are greedy but because we crave security.

Negative Traits of Capricorn - The Bad Side of Capricorns

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If Capricorns experience failure, they can be prone to misery, and have a hard time keeping it to themselves. Moany, moany, moan. In extreme cases, they can become very depressed and will often alternate between euphoria and melancholy. Meditation may help.

Some Capricorns take revenge on those who upset them. Alternatively, they will simply stop talking to you. They are the masters of the Silent Treatment. Most of the time, they aren't brooding on what you have done to them but they're simply choosing to focus their attention elsewhere. They won't let a negative situation impact their lives for any length of time.

Capricorns like to be right. The trouble is - they usually are. It's best not to argue with them - the worst (or best, depending on your point of view) thing you can say to a Capricorn is, "I'm sure you're right..." and then change the subject. The Capricorn will be left seething having been denied the opportunity to prove their argument in depth.

Capricorns can be grumpy in the mornings. If they aren't grumpy, then they can be bright and breezy to the annoyance of every one around them.

All right, I'm going to admit it. Capricorns are sometimes, just sometimes, a little bit critical. Look, if you're going to do something, then do it properly. Then we won't tell you off. Promise.

Your turn - do Capricorns have a dark side?

Leave a comment or question here regarding Capricorn's less attractive characteristics. If you want more information about a specific person, include their date of birth (day and month) but no other identifying information. For love and career issues, scroll down the page.

Do you think these negative traits are accurate? 76 comments

myraggededge profile image

myraggededge 8 months ago Author

Okay! Way to go, Isabella.

isabella raine 8 months ago

I was born on Christmas Day. My mum on January 16 . We are both the opposite of your description!!! My family and friends say exactly the same. They are also honest and would tell it like it is . Regards.

myraggededge profile image

myraggededge 13 months ago Author

Ha ha... Claire. I'm right with you on all counts. Oh blessed silence. I'm sure someone will appreciate your utter Cappie gorgeousness very soon.

claire 14 months ago

I truly hate it when someone wakes me up. I also stay silent for days. My birthday is 04/01/70 also i am always right lol, who could possibly cope with me? X

myraggededge profile image

myraggededge 23 months ago Author

Nice to meet a fellow Cappy, sheanna. Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your Capricorn traits.

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    Robin Wood Queen of Pentacles
    Robin Wood Queen of Pentacles

    The Queen of Pentacles represents the female Capricorn

    Mothering but not smothering

    The Queen of Pentacles is a practical woman. She will offer a shoulder to cry on for about 5 seconds but then she expects you to pull yourself together and listen to her bossy suggestions of how you might solve your dilemma. If you want empathy, then this Queen is not your girl. She likes to help but she does expect to see people making an effort to help themselves.

    Family is all important to the Queen of Pentacles but she also values her own time. She protects her babies like a she-wolf, but as they grow she will encourage her kids to be independent and self-reliant.

    This is the woman you want next to you in a crisis. She's the one who will put the kettle on and mop up the blood. The Queen of Pentacles is a tough businesswoman unless she is called to more homely activities.

    Free: Tarot Love Reading

    Capricorns: careers and work

    All the Capricorn personality types have an affinity with work. They need it. Capricorns cannot bear doing nothing at all and if they can learn something or earn something then so much the better. They don't see the point in doing anything without some reward though it doesn't have to be monetary. They are happy in the achievement of a job well done. If their job inspires them and makes them want to get up in the mornings, then they are even happier.

    Capricorns have a wide range of options when it comes to careers. A lot of them choose careers that have to do with money. They make great economists, bankers, contractors, managers, and real estate brokers. They excel at projects that are long-term and demanding. Their love of debate and dialect makes them great politicians. They are good teachers and prefer jobs where they have authority. When working with their hands, they make great scientists, engineers, farmers, and builders.

    Capricorns are also artistic and creative, though many would disagree. They make good writers, especially of non-fiction, as their natural tendency is to produced a rounded piece of writing, showing all sides of a discussion, and of course, well-crafted and grammatically correct. They have a thing about spelling.

    Note to self: Better check this article very, very carefully!

    Ask about your career...

    If you'd like to explore some career options, ask a question and include your date of birth (but no other identifying information) here. I can't guarantee to find your perfect path, but you never know, it might spark some ideas. Don't forget to check back to see my reply.

    Update: It appears that some have misunderstood. I can't tell you when you are going to get a job - I'm not clairvoyant. Please keep your questions general, and I will gladly impart some information based on your Capricorn type. Scroll down to see which Capricorn type you are.

    Want to know what kind of career might suit you? 94 comments

    myraggededge profile image

    myraggededge 3 years ago Author

    @MisterDelic111: Hi MisterDelic111, I'm afraid I don't do astrological forecasts - I'm not an astrologer. I simply have an interest in my own star sign, hence this page. I can do you a tarot reading - you can request one via the link to 'Tarot Love Reading' on this page.

    MisterDelic111 3 years ago

    Hello there, I'm a male, DOB: Jan. 11, 1988. Birthplace: New Orleans, LA Birthtime: 21:20 PM

    Things are not going well in all aspects of my life, would it be possible to see if there's any breakthroughs in the future according to the stars and planets?

    myraggededge profile image

    myraggededge 3 years ago Author

    @Seashellgirl: Question?

    Seashellgirl 3 years ago

    Hi Jan 8 1976 cap / female?

    myraggededge profile image

    myraggededge 3 years ago Author

    @anonymous: You are a bit of a rebel, Alexandria McCary. You will not put up with fools and you are not afraid to speak your mind. While these tendencies will stand you in good stead throughout your life, you must learn to restrain them 99% of the time or you will have difficulty maintaining relationships, friendships and jobs.

    What is the next level up in your current job? Your down-to-earth nature and the fact that you are good at practical, useful work, means that you could do well in nursing. Even if you are just marking time until your interest is sparked by something else, then look for ways to make progress right where you are.

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      "God helps those who help themselves" - typical Capricorn motto

      Jesus Was a Capricorn

      Your Capricorn employee

      One thing Capricorns don't need is the approval of others. However, they are gracious in their acceptance of praise and it serves to increase their confidence and therefore, their ability and efficiency. So, if you want a good job done even better make sure you acknowledge your Capricorn's effort, input and expertise.

      Capricorns don't take criticism well and it is something they need to address. Make your criticisms suggestions and they will be accepted. Make your Capricorn feel stupid and you risk losing a great worker. Capricorns hate humiliation.

      Capricorns are loyal. If they like and trust you, they will walk to the ends of the earth for you. They might moan and grump about it, but do it they will.

      Capricorns like to advance. Preferably steadily. They can't handle sudden rises to the top but they enjoy steady progression. They must master each level or skill before moving to the next.

      Ridicule a Capricorn at your peril

      If you can't love me at my worst...

      You sure as sausages don't deserve me at my best!

      Capricorns can have problems in personal relationships. They have a very strong sense of fairness, which they apply equally to the other person (partner, child, parent, friend, co-worker) and to themselves. They see a relationship as a 50:50 thing and expect the other person to play the game. They can put up with imbalance in the relationship for a little while but if it feels as though they are being taken advantage of, they will become unhappy.

      We are wary of people we don't know very well and take a little time to lower our guard. We tend to have a few good friends, rather than a coterie of acquaintances. It's the security thing kicking in - we like to be with people we can trust. We also like them to know that we are trustworthy beyond doubt. Tell us a secret and we'll keep it.

      Capricorns do attract people who don't really understand how we operate. They sometimes think we are little cold and unfeeling. This is not necessarily the case; we are simply not demonstrative in a public way.

      Don't engage a Capricorn in a battle of wills. There's no point. The goat will present his (or her) horns, dig in their hooves and you don't stand a chance of winning. This means that Capricorns are less likely to put up with bullying from others. However, if a Capricorn goes rogue, he or she can indulge in domineering, and yes, bullying behavior.

      Once Cappies feel safe in a relationship, they will unleash their witty alter-ego. They love to be entertained by their partner or friend, so someone who gets their sense of humor and who can ping-pong it back to them is treasured.

      At odds with their practical and often rigid-seeming ideals, is the Capricorn's interest in the occult and, indeed, spirituality. Capricorns feel a very strong connection to the earth but at the same time they are aware that they, expressed as humans, are just a small part of what they really are. They know that they are powerful beings.

      Would You Like a Capricorn as a Lover?

      Check Your Capricorn Type Here

      According to Gary Goldshneider and Joost Elfers, authors of "The Secret Language of Relationships", you can classify the Capricorn into four distinct groups according to which period they were born in. Each group has subtle differences in the way they relate to other star-signs.

      The following (summarised and rewritten), is just a tiny sample of the information given in this huge (over 800 pages) book.

      Sagittarius - Capricorn Cusp: Dec 19 - 25 : The Cusp of Prophecy

      The person born into this group experiences a strong push/pull influence from fiery Jupiter and cold Saturn. Thus they have positive and negative attributes of both. For example, they may feel cheerful and fun-seeking, and then feel guilty that they aren't working hard enough. They often have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings, so may lapse into silence. They do not seek approval, and because of that, they often receive it. As they age, they often develop a strong sixth sense. They are good judges of character and have fully functional bullcrap detectors.

      Strengths: psychic, inscrutable, intense Weaknesses:frustrated, antisocial, oppressive.

      Best Relationships:

      Love: Pisces-Aries Cusp, Taurus-Gemini Cusp, Gemini lll, Leo lll, Libra ll, Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp, Sagittarius lll, Capricorn lll, Aquarius l, Aquarius lll, Pisces lll.

      Marriage: Gemini-Cancer Cusp, Cancer lll, Libra lll, Scorpio lll, Sagittarius l, Capricorn ll, Aquarius ll


      Capricorn l: Dec 26 - Jan 2 : The Ruler

      Emotional expression does not come easily to those born in this week; often creatures of deep feeling, they can get all wrapped up inside a cocoon of repressed emotion. Since love relationships are a direct means of liberating such feelings, their mates and lovers may be indispensable for their mental and physical health. Capricorn ls are usually extremely faithful.

      Strengths: capable, hard-working, concerned. Weaknesses: dogmatic, bottled up, tyrannical.

      Best Relationships:

      Love: Taurus ll, Taurus lll, Gemini ll, Virgo ll, Scorpio lll, Aquarius ll.

      Marriage: Taurus l, Gemini l, Leo l, Virgo l, Libra l, Libra lll, Libra-Scorpio Cusp, Sagittarius lll, Capricorn l, Aquarius l, Aquarius lll.


      Capricorn ll : January 3 - 9 : Determination

      In their personal lives, Capricorn lls are happiest when they have a partner with whom to share the joys and sorrows of everyday life. They can live alone but most often choose not to do so. They may well insist, however, that their work is an inviolable area that they have no duty to share with their mate.

      Strengths: resilient, resourceful, theoretical. Weaknesses: Naïve, armored, workaholic.

      Best Relationships

      Love: Aries ll, Cancer-Leo Cusp, Leo lll, Virgo l, Scorpio l, Sagittarius lll, Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp, Aquarius lll.

      Marriage: Pisces-Aries Cusp, Aries l, Aries lll, Gemini ll, Cancer ll, Cancer lll, Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp, Aquarius ll, Pisces 1.


      Capricorn lll : January 10 - 16 : Dominance

      A vivacious and interesting mate can be good medicine for those born in this week, taking their minds off career concerns and allowing them to relax and have fun. Capricorn 111s often need someone at home who can lighten their mood when they walk in the door.

      Although responsible, Capricorn llls are not dull by any means. Many have an arresting, even eclectic demeanor that can be highly charismatic, or at the very least can cause others to watch them in wide-eyed astonishment.

      Strengths: professional, surmounting, maintaining. Weaknesses: unheeding, outrageous, self-sacrificing.

      Best Relationships

      Love: Aries-Taurus Cusp, Gemini l, Cancer l, Leo-Virgo Cusp, Virgi lll, Libra l, Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp, Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp, Capricorn lll, Aquarius-Pisces Cusp.

      Marriage: Pisces-Aries Cusp, Taurus l, Taurus lll, Virgo l, Libra ll, Scorpio ll, Aquarius l, Pisces l.


      Capricorn - Aquarius Cusp : January 17 - 22 : The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination

      The vivid and expressive individuals born on the Capricorn - Aquarius cusp generate excitement wherever they go. Those born on this cusp can only fully respect individuals who share daily chores and duties with them. Capricorn - Aquarians often seek hard-working dependable mates rather than beautiful or intelligent ones. Outside their permanent relationship, however, the impulsive Capricorn-Aquarius may be magnetically attracted to vivacious and exciting individuals.

      Strengths: exciting, entertaining, lighthearted. Weaknesses: chaotic, difficult, eruptive.

      Best Relationships

      Love: Piscs-Aries Cusp, Aries l, Aries lll, Taurus l, Cancer l, Cancer-Leo Cusp, Virgo l, Scorpio lll, Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp, Capricorn ll, Aquarius lll.

      Marriage: Aries ll, Taurus-Gemini Cusp, Gemini lll, Leo l, Pisces lll.


      If you think you are in love with a Capricorn or you are a Capricorn and are wondering if a certain someone would be good for you, then leave your question here. I will need both dates of birth (day and month is sufficient). Check back to see my recommendations.

      Note: Ensure you don't identify yourself or potential partner by leaving real names.

      I'm a qualified, certified, professional tarot reader - if you'd like a quick and fun free one-card reading: Free: Tarot Love Reading

      Could you love a Capicorn? 144 comments

      Antonia 23 months ago

      Hi, I was born on the 22nd December which makes me a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp. I am definitely more of a cap than a sag and by looking at my best matches in love and marriage I am really confused as to see that Virgo or Taurus isn't in there... I have been told these are the best match for Capricorns? It does say that Cap II is a good match and my best friend/bit on the side is born on the 5th Jan and our connection is pretty amazing so I'm guessing your article is correct. Just confused about the Virgo and Taurus?? Great page by the way!

      myraggededge profile image

      myraggededge 2 years ago Author

      @Vito-d123: Hi Vito, you can tell when she stops talking to you, or if she has to talk to you she will do it in a closed off way, i.e. may not meet your eye or stares directly at you with no hint of humor or softness. Why? You're not being given the Capricorn cold-shoulder, are you? If you are, just keep smiling; it may melt her inner iceberg.

      Vito-d123 2 years ago

      What are signs that a Cappie woman is mad at you? I may have teased her and... well you know? *Sorry if I have already asked this question. I wasn't sure if it went through or not. Thanks!

      myraggededge profile image

      myraggededge 2 years ago Author

      @Vito-d123: This can be an explosive combination with many confrontations. Most relationships between Scorpio ll and Capricorn lll burn out very early on. The key to finding harmony is to recognise your differences and look for common threads. If you can discover small areas where you agree, you can use these to build a good foundation. You have to avoid mutual repression of feelings as it can act as a block for the relationship to develop into a deep and meaningful love. Good luck!

      Vito-d123 2 years ago

      @myraggededge: 3 nov and 12 jan

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        Knees (CC.BY.2.0)
        Knees (CC.BY.2.0) | Source

        Capricorns and health

        When it comes to their health, Capricorns are generally very robust. They don't like to talk about anything that is really bothering them and will often hide health concerns from family, but will moan and groan about minor aches and pains. Capricorns have a tendency to have bad knees, bones, and skin. They are subject to strains, fractures, and other leg problems. They tend to hold in worry and suppress emotions which can lead to digestive problems. They often suffer from are anaemia, deafness, rheumatism, and rickets.

        Northern hemisphere Capricorns should take a good all-round vitamin supplement and get their lazy backsides out into the sunshine as much as they can to encourage the production of Vitamin D.

        I can certainly attest to the knee thing. Ouch!

        Baby Capricorn (CC.BY.2.0)
        Baby Capricorn (CC.BY.2.0) | Source

        Capricorn Links

        A few more things

        • Capricorns prefer rich earthy colors.
        • Capricorn birthstones include black onyx, garnet and turquoise.
        • Sissy Spacek, Rudyard Kipling, J. Edgar Hoover, Mel Gibson, Dolly Parton, and Martin Luther King are all Capricorns!

        Do you believe that people born under the star sign, Capricorn, share similar personality traits?

        See results without voting

        More by this Author

        Are you a Capricorn like me? - Leave me a comment 93 comments

        CampingmanNW profile image

        CampingmanNW 2 years ago

        Nope, but your lens made for some very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing

        mehvine 3 years ago


        Girlwiththorns profile image

        Girlwiththorns 3 years ago

        I sure am :)

        anonymous 4 years ago

        yoooooooooo`etx sinply rocking!realyy true.......

        anonymous 4 years ago

        January 11th!!! :)

        anonymous 4 years ago

        28th Dec here! BROTHERS!

        anonymous 4 years ago

        OMG i was also born on the 28th of december !!! Its true that its the busy time but i don't think it's a bad day. Your information was really correct!! how do u get these??

        laniparis 4 years ago

        I'm glad to be a Capricorn. It no doubt helped to survive through health issues and heartache still with the ability to crack a joke :)

        anonymous 4 years ago

        I am, like you, a Capricorn and this article is actually EXTREAMELY accurate.

        anonymous 4 years ago

        I was born the dec. 23 and i see you don't have any information for those born on the saggitarius-cap cusp.

        myraggededge profile image

        myraggededge 4 years ago Author

        @anonymous: Sure. That's okay. There's tons of information on the internet. However, don't ever let your star sign dictate your future partner or even decisions you make. It's just a veneer, it's not who you really are.

        anonymous 4 years ago

        I am just curious that's all im new to this whole thingand I don't really undrstand it ha

        myraggededge profile image

        myraggededge 4 years ago Author

        @anonymous: Sorry, Thomas, I don't offer a free (or paid) astrology service. Why do you need a description of you? If you have a specific question about a particular relationship, I can give a little advice from my Capricorn perspective but that's all :-)

        anonymous 4 years ago

        So I found my sun sign ia Capricorn and moon is aquarius. Can you tell me who i am most compatible with and just a brief description of me?

        myraggededge profile image

        myraggededge 4 years ago Author

        @anonymous: There are loads of free sites where you can plug in your date and time of birth and they will calculate it for you. Try searching for 'how to work out my moon (or rising) sign'.

        anonymous 4 years ago

        Thank you so much that actually helps im all new to this stuff so.I don.know what my moon and sun signs are can me with that?

        myraggededge profile image

        myraggededge 4 years ago Author

        @anonymous: Hello Thomas,

        You can cure this in an instant. When you feel overwhelmed, stop, sit down and focus on the present. Say to yourself, "Right now, in this moment, I have everything I need".

        Depression and anxiety are fear in another disguise, and fear is always to do with you projecting events of the past onto the future. If you stop thinking about the past and future and concentrate on the 'now', you will be able to block the anxiety. Right now in this moment all you need is air to breathe... and there's plenty around.

        Another tactic is to say to yourself, "I'm worried about x but I don't have to think about that right now, I can deal with it later. In this moment I don't need anything."

        Hope that helps.

        anonymous 4 years ago

        Hey im a cap 1 and lately I have been having a lot of anxiety attacks and have felt really depressed. I normally never feel like this so this is odd. Can you help

        myraggededge profile image

        myraggededge 4 years ago Author

        @anonymous: Hi Jimmo, 1. Say to her, "You know, you mean the world to me." 2. Write her a note. 3. Send her a card, chosen by you. 4. Flowers. 5. Just look at her with love. If you hold the feeling of love within you when you are with her, words are unnecessary.

        Cap 1/Cancer 1 is a difficult combination. You are both finicky about detail and planning and can drive each other nuts. If you recognize this and allow each other the lead on various issues, you should be fine. The relationship can flourish if its basis is a deep friendship. Cap 1s must try to go with the flow a bit more.

        Personally speaking, many of my important relationships are with Cancerians. I find them mostly easy going but panicky in certain situations. They often need reassurance. At the same time, I love the way they organize the practicalities of life.

        anonymous 4 years ago

        Im a Capricorn 1 and I am in love with a cancer 1. How is the best way to tell her how I feel. I am not very good at saying how I feel but she means the world to. me

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