You Won't Contact The Dead By Seance-You'll Only Contact Demons

Having A Séance To Contact The Deceased? Seances Will Only Contact Demons.

In March of 1993, my 50-year-old father was hit and killed by a driver of a pick-up truck as he walked down the road. It happened around 8:30 in the evening and the driver stated that he was not able to see my father until it was too late. That was easy to understand at the time. It was dark and the clothing my father had been wearing when he was struck and killed was not light colored or reflective.

At this time, my mother and father had been divorced for about 18 years... so my grandmother, his mother, made all the arrangements. She decided to cremate my father and to have the box containing his ashes interred at the foot of her and my grandfather's burial plots. My grandfather had passed in 1991 at the age of 81.

My father had served in the U.S. Army for a little more than two years during peacetime in the late 1950s, and he was honorably discharged due to a medical condition he developed. For those doing the math right now, my father had obtained a fake ID stating he was a couple of years older-that is why the Army accepted him.

My point: I was astonished that the U.S. Army would even pay for my father's cremation and his headstone well over 30 years later, especially with the discrepancy of his birth date and the fact that he joined the Army with a fake ID, brought to light after his death, but they did.

I and the rest of my family really thought that was awesome of them to do so!

About a week or so after my father's funeral service, my sister and I decided to visit the cemetery and have a séance. At the time I was 29 and my sister was 20. We knew what a liberal, open minded and free spirit of a person our father was, and if we tried to contact him and he was able to answer back, he certainly would.

We drove out to Providence Cemetery and walked over to the burial site of our father and his father. The cemetery at that time was very small, there were only about sixty people buried there. They were obviously relatives of my grandfather and father, because many of the headstones bore our surname of Heird. Many headstones dated births and deaths back to the very late 19th century and early 20th century. As a matter of fact, my grandfather Heird was buried next to his mother.

My sister and I sat down next to where our father's ashes had been interred, clasped our hands together and then proceeded to ask several times for our father to let us know if he was there, to please make contact with us.

About a half hour passed and nothing happened. It was late at night, probably around 11:30 pm by this time. Forget for a moment that it was creepy enough being at a cemetery at night, out in the boonies, but nothing unusual happened. No ghosts, vapor, mists, orbs, animal noises or disembodied voices of any kind. Not even the sound of a breeze, a hoot of an owl or any animal moving about.

As a matter of fact, hindsight always being 20/20, it was too quiet.

We both started to feel foolish and silly. After all, we were both sitting in a cemetery very late at night trying to contact our recently deceased father. I was disappointed however; I wanted to tell my father how much I would miss him and to ask him how he was doing in his new realm, if things were good there, or bad.

My sister and I walked back to my car and drove the 15 miles back to my mother's house. At this time I was staying with my mother because my first husband and I had separated.

It was now well past midnight and both of us were ready to get some sleep. There was no extra bed or an extra bedroom, so I slept on the living room sofa.

As I lay on the sofa in the dark, thinking of my late father and our failed séance, I felt a feather like stroke on my right palm. I was lying on my right side, my right hand just barely laying over the edge of the sofa, palm up, and I know I felt something stroke my palm.

And then it happened again. Unable to contain my excitement, I just knew it was my father letting me know he was right there next to me and that he was communicating to me from the other side. I whispered "dad, is that you?"

No sooner had I said that when the most hideous laughter started. My skin crawled and I felt sheer horror. I sat up on my right elbow, still trying to comprehend what was happening. The hideous, demonic laughter, or I should say the evil entity producing the hideous, demonic laughter was unseen, but I could hear where it was flying around the living room. It now flew up to my right ear and then flew several yards away, the laughter growing dimmer. It now came at me again, just an inch or two away from my right ear, laughing hideously.

It was nothing but evil, mocking, insidious laughter. The horrible laughter never stopped as it came directly at me and then back to flying around in other areas of the living room. There was no odor, no form, no shadows, no lights, nothing. The only sense being subjected to this supernatural evil being was my hearing. It seemed the kind of laughter that perhaps an imp or a sprite would be capable of, because the laughter seemed to come from a very small entity. That is how my hearing interpreted it.

To me this awful laughter was so audible in the living room that I just knew at any time my mother and sister were going to jump up out of their beds and run into the living room to see what the hell was going on. But they never did. This flying laughter had now been going on for well over a minute.

By now, I began to realize that perhaps only I was able to hear it, as this assault continued for at least another 2 minutes. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, ever. Like I had stated, I was 29 years old at that time and had never been diagnosed with any type of mental illness. For a fleeting moment I thought perhaps I had become schizophrenic. I certainly knew I had not been drinking, nor under the influence of any drug, legal or illegal.

But enough of trying to analyze what was wrong with me or what I had or had not ingested, this evil supernatural presence was here and it was real. So I did the only thing I had been taught by my religion to do, and that was to call upon the name of Jesus. And I did.

I closed my eyes, focused on getting spiritual help from Jesus, all the while trying to drown out the demonic laughter. I then whispered about 20 times the name of Jesus and for HIM to please help me. It worked. The horrible laughter stopped and I knew this evil, supernatural entity was gone.

After a few minutes, I then got up and crept over to both bedrooms to check on my mother and sister. Both bedroom doors were open. All I could hear was the normal breathing sounds that people make while asleep. Since they appeared to be ok, I wouldn't wake them. Needless to say, I had a very sleepless night. However, about day break I did fall asleep.

Late the next morning I awoke because I heard my mother and sister in the kitchen. I got up off the sofa and walked into the kitchen to ask both if they heard or saw anything unusual the early morning hours before.

Mom and my sister both answered no and asked "Why?" I told them what happened.

What did they say? Not much. After all, what could any of us say? My sister and I had been foolish enough to hold a séance at a cemetery. My mother told us that we were stupid to have done that, and that she hoped that whatever it was, was really gone for good. Enough said.

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Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

Wow,you had some real guts doing this for you opened yourself up like that it is hard to say what might happen for that is an open invitation for spirits to manifest themselves. Praise God you knew the right thing to and that was call on the name of Jesus!

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Amen highvoltagewriter. Like I stated to you before, this is one of my three encounters with the supernatural. The other two accounts I will soon write of here.

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

Wow! I would love to hear the rest of your evil ghost experience Share. So this séance thing is really good for nothing after all, thanks for sharing your horrifying experience! Voted up and useful.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Your welcome Admiral_Joraxx. Seances serve no purpose but to summon demons, and after my experience, I will never, ever hold another séance.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Hi Admiral Joraxx and others...I did post my Hub about a creepy encounter I had using a Ouija Board. Hubpages guidelines stated I had to delete it, since I had posted this same experience on another site.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

To Admiral Joraxx and Highvoltagewriter, I would love to post my third story about my "" guardian angel "" encounter I had in 1991... I was being stalked in a well known retail store and told by an entity that I was being stalked...but I have also posted this story online elsewhere and it could be dubbed a "duplicate" story once again by Hubs.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

My post is here:

Scroll WAY down, almost to the end. My story is posted there, under my real name: Tonja Brown

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

This is two of my four encounters...My story regarding my "guardian angel" at Wal-Mart is number 3. I was accosted at my mother's house again by a demonic entity, but this one was more violent... a couple of years after my sister and I held a séance at the cemetery where my father's ashes were interred. That story is number 4. And thank God, my final.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

Wow! What a story. Everyone can take a good lesson from this. The Bible warns about the evil of soothsayers and such. You have amply buttressed that warning. Thank you for this needful Hub.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Oh Yea James, I thoroughly agree! In retrospect, I now realize that if I truly wanted to be a "witch," "necromancer," "medium," etc...I do have that ability. But I don't want to and never will. No Thanks !!

I do wish however that I could turn that around into something positive...but I don't see how.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

...this is one of the most dramatic stories I've ever read - and though these circumstances were true for you - it still takes a very great writer to relay an account of what happened and make it sound/read like the scariest movie ever made at Hubpages - this was gripping stuff and your narrative kept me on the edge of my seat, so to speak, I will most certainly post this provocative and erie story to my FACEBOOK page to all of my little monsters (there's your GaGa reference) with a direct link back here - lake erie ontario canada 3:54pm

May I recommend a talk radio show to you in which I know you will love - COAST TO COAST AM with George Norry - and it covers what you have written about.

A new word invented for you in tribute to this hub:


p.s. - COAST TO COAST AM have a website you can check out.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Hi epigramman, very nice to meet you and thank you so much for your compliments. This indeed was a scary situation for me. In all my years I have always heard that dabbling in the occult could open doors or portals for evil entities, in this situation, it was as if I had opened a flood gate!

I have heard of Coast to Coast, my uncle listens to them. At your suggestion, I will check them out.

Thank you for sharing my story with others. That is the main reason I posted this hub, I do want to warn others about the dangers of trying to "contact the dead."

Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

A very creepy but believable story. l don't doubt for a moment that a demon or 3 were laughing at you.

A séance is like inviting the devil to come and taunt you, as James mentioned above, the bible warns us against enquiring of the dead for the very reason God knows who we'd be getting in touch with.

Check out ecclesiastis chapter 9 verse 5.

Take care.Thank you for sharing this.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Hello Dim. Thank you for reading my hub and backing up what I found out the hard way...

It's very nice to meet you as well !

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..well I'm glad Dim dropped by because she's a great lady and writer and she must have seen your hub through my FB link - well thanks for your letter - I'm sorry you can't submit this terrific hub but I guess you have read the rules carefully - I read this hub story again just now and it's still a classic - it still haunts me and I just wish more people (who like this sort of genre) would read it for COAST TO COAST AM - it's a syndicated radio show all across North America and your best idea is to google the title and go right to their website to see what station it's on in your area.

Have a great day and night and please keep in touch - and keep writing too. lake erie time ontario canada 8:19pm

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington Author

Hi epi, I am honored to have Dim Flaxenwick as a follower. As I am honored to have you as a follower. Both of you are wonderful people and fantastic writers that are very open-minded. THAT IS A GREAT THING! It's my HONOR that both of you would even consider to follow me !!

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


I used to mess around with the ol Ouija board... also a dumb thingStrange stuff happened and voices in my head... beyond the usual *lol* the voice lied and deceived about things that would happen other than- it told me the nickname of my wife and where she had lived that was the oddest part....but after a while-it would say other things in my head and not until a voice from -nowhere-sooke in my ear a horrible nasty gutteral voice and laugh-I too called for the banishment of this entity I threatened it with the wrath of the angels if it should everreturn that night I called upon all the angels and archangels to give me strength and protection from the evil- I promised not to do nyting stupid like this again...Ive kept my pat of the bargain and so has God....


I should write a hub on this whole thing- I sat that allot but I never seem to do it...

Diann 4 years ago

Im not sure where to begin,,, but my son a few weeks ago asked me what a séance was and then proceeded to tell me before I could even answer him,,, mind you he is 7 years old!! How does he even know about seances??? he has an imaginary friend named G who is Dead,,im wondering if maybe G really is imaginary if you catch my drift,,, cant go to family with this cause they'll think im nuts ,, but would love some advice,, my email address is please help,, thanks!

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 4 years ago from Western Washington Author

That is disturbing Diann. Could this "imaginary friend" have told your son what seances are? Whatever you do, keep your fear at bay, and do the same with your son. Don't tell your son that this is the boogey man or anything like that. Negative entities feed on fear, that is what sustains them. Perhaps if you could just keep your son in your sight as much as possible, keep him occupied, so he can be kept away from this imaginary friend. After all, if he is alone, this gives him and this entity the opportunity to visit each other.

Mike L 2 years ago

I did a séance

Mike L 2 years ago

I believe your story 100 percent. I did a séance with a couple friends, as a teenager. I had used the Ouija board before and had realized that it was actually working as it was supposed to because spirits were responding. Those Oiuja experiences fueled my interest to learn and experience more spiritual activity. So, the séance occurred. I figured that the most would happen during the séance is a Ghost would appear and maybe one of us would allow the ghost to enter our body. What happened is I got way more than I bargained for. A demon responded. A very very very evil and very powerful demon entity. The same experience ensued as you described. The demon could not be seen but we were talking to it on the Ouija board and the Ouija was moving so fast because of how powerful this entity was. In the past, the ouija piece had always moved much slower, sometimes at a crawl speed with the ghost entitities I had spoken to on it before but this was different. That Ouija piece was moving so fast! And then the growling started! It started off as very low volume and VERY bassy and VERY a growl/snarl. The demon continued this growling and it went on and on and on and on without a break and it got louder, louder LOUDER LOUDER! It was sooo loud that I couldn't believe that my friends parents didn't wake up from their sleep because of how incredibly loud this growling was!! My friend who had led the séance, was very experienced in Majik and knew what he was doing and was knowledgeable about what was happening; he told me that only we could hear the demon because the parents were not a part of the séance. SOunds impossible but I guess the rules in the Demon world aren't the same as in the human world!....The demon kept insisting that we go outside the house. I asked my friend why and he explained that before the séance, my friend had drawn a circle of protection around us and the demon could not get past this circle for in the spiritual world it is like a brick wall that the demon cannot penetrate but if you go outside the home, the circle of protection is no longer there and then the demon can kill you. We even asked the demon what he would do to us if we went outside and the demon was honest at first saying he would kill us (that's all they really want, by the way. The demon wants to kill you and then drag your soul down to Hell with him. That is his primary goal. If he can't do that then the very least he will do is take great pleasure in terrifying you). Then the demon started to lie about his intentions and kept demanding over and over that we go outside, which we would not do. Also, my friend had a dog named Merlin, who was outside at the time this was going on. When the séance first started, Merlin started barking when the demon first arrived (the dog can sense them). But after the séance was well underway, Merlin had been silenced and would not bark nor come to the area of the house even after being called by his name. Merlin was down for the count while all this happened. The growling continued and continued. We didn't see a shape or a form either but the growing and the ouija board communicatyion continued on and you could feel the powerful presence of the demon but you could not see it (I am so glad nobody held up a mirror because I have heard that you can see the entity when you do that). We were so afraid, even my friend with all the expience. eventually we all crawled into the same bed in the room we had done the séance in and we were all so terrified and shaking with fear and eventually, somehow, we all fell asleep for a couple hours. When we woke up in the morning, my friend said the demon was gone. We cleaned up the area where we had done the séance where the altar we had made was. We had placed a black cloth sheet over some kind of altar and had placed candles upon the altar, which had been burning. The demon left a calling card for us to prove the experience had really happened. The demon had taken the melted candle wax and in the very edges of each of the four edges of the black sheet were 4 precisely shaped diamonds shapes. The shapes were on exactly the same place in all 4 corners and the diamond shapes were the same size exactly as the other ones were, in exactly the same spot. I never believed in demons until that experience. I believed in ghosts but not demons so this was an extremely eye opening experience. It took me another 15 or so years to process this event in my mind, as an adult. I became obcessed with the memory of the experience (still kinda am) and spent months researching and studying demons and demonology just so I could understand what had happened and to better understand what a demon is and what it ccan and cannot do. Then i had a revelation once I started analzying the situation. I had never really believed in GOD or Jess, but after all that research I had the epiphany that a demon cannot exist without a GOD to have created it, so therefore I had the proof of GOD's existence right there. Ya can't have a demon without GOD. The existence of a demon, undoubtedly, implies the existence of GOD because it would be nearly impossible to only have demons exist but no GOD. That simply cannot be. If one exists so must the other. With that being said, I now KNOW the truth and am a Christian because of that experience with the demon.

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