family:scriptural guides vs common sense

family:scriptural guides vs. common sense

Are you aware that the cause of the decline in morality and other social maladies that exist today are due to the decline of the family structure? There was a time when the entire family had a set time for at least ONE meal where every member was and had to be present and seated in a common area. Church attendence or everyone's presence at some form of familial gathering was mandated and inforced with regularity. Somehow, television, drugs, alcohol, the need to seek out individual distractions, popularity and peer pressure, the failure to communicate first between parents and then the acceptance of children not communicationg either with parents or their sibilings, all contributed to the deterioration of respect for others, authority, and ultimately God and self. The snowball effect is evidenced in nearly every aspect of life and society. I always told my children that you must learn to respect at least ONE thing, if you can manage to do that, you'll soon respect another and so on. I also always made it clear that the lines of communication were always open to discuss ANYTHING good or bad, So WHY did even I fail to maintain a cohesive family dynamic? The reasons are both compelling and quite simple. Many believe that these times we live in are "perilous" indeed. This introduction is to prepare you for a four-part discussion of the Decline of the Family in our society. It will delve into the stated causes of this decline, and give viewpoints from both the Biblical(scriptural guidelines) and what we'll call "common sense", or things that should come natural, given the nature of the human animal. you are cordially invited to receive this author's take on this topic and in the future participate in open discussion(s) thru interactive postings. So prepare to investigate this and several other important facets of the things that effect our everyday life and will impact our very future(s). Truth is...

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daledad8 9 years ago from pittsburgh Author

This is a very new site in the developmental stages. It holds promise of being enlightening, provocative, and very to-the-point. The purpose is to promote using the power of reasoning as opposed to simply accepting and not caring about what we allow ourselves to find "acceptable". . ."Come, let us reason together saith the lord..." Isaiah 1:18

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daledad8 9 years ago from pittsburgh Author

The absence of God's direction in people's lives is directly related to the decline of morals, love, and humane acts, as well as true happiness. It is comforting to find even a few who seek to strengthen the connection and relationship of mankind with it's creator. Who better to look to for repair suggestions than the manufacturer? I commend all who follow this course and see only positive strides being made toward true inner-peace, the key to real success! I am pleased to announce that the anointing of God has come upon me for the purpose of serving him as He deems fitting and utile to my fellow man. I welcome any and all who look/seek to know what God wants to tell you during these most perilous times. Even the big business "Nabob" has those quiet moments of introspect when they wonder just what their TRUE purpose is because with all of their wealth and the ability to satisfy almost any desire they may have, they remain either unhappy or hungry for "something " that is missing in their lives; and they just can't put a finger on what it is. Immediately God's will is dismissed because of the plague of religious fanaticism that permeates our society. but God's word spoke of and predicted this great surge of religiosity as it were. However, as with every other circumstance previous and recorded in his Word, God also provides a much simpler and sensible manner in which we may obtain an on-going, positive, constructive relationship with him. Humans feel the need for much wealth, true servants of God feel an even stronger need to share what God has given them...answers!

joseph 9 years ago

This looks like a useful resource.

mr b 9 years ago

I like the writer's style and content. This article was helpful.

Belinda Burch 9 years ago

I like the way this writer views the morals in a family structure. I also believe that the answers to the problems that we face in the family structure can be found in the word of God (the bible). I believe that the writer gives a very good explanation for why we face the types of problems we face in families. I am looking foward to following the writer's series on: Family Scriptural VS. common Sense.

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daledad8 9 years ago from pittsburgh Author

I thank all who have responded to Truth Is...It is my sole intent to share and upbuild while offering sound SCRIPTURAL advice absent of personal views or opinions, or seeking personal gain. My reward is to serve Jehovah the Almighty as so wonderful a God is He!!!

King B 9 years ago

I agree with the author, God is very important to everything that we face or have to deal with in our life.

geminitwin 8 years ago

I agree, what a decline in the morality of our nations today. We are certainly living in the last days as we see prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes.

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daledad8 8 years ago from pittsburgh Author

geminitwin, I invite you to read my other hubs as well!...b-blessed!

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