Buildings reduced to rubbles.
Buildings reduced to rubbles.
The Hotel Montana before the quake
The Hotel Montana before the quake
The hotel Montana after the quake
The hotel Montana after the quake
Haitians searching for loved ones in rubbles
Haitians searching for loved ones in rubbles
The rescue team at work
The rescue team at work

This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

This is calling on whoever it may concern in this hub community of ours to fast and pray for at least 6 hours for more survivors to be rescued from the rubbles that resulted from the earthquake that occurred in Haiti two weeks ago. An unhappy thought came to me that some people may still be alive under those rubbles and I decided to garner efforts from you all to see whether our fasting and prayers can help in the rescue of more people like 21 -year-old Emmanuel Buso who was rescued ten days after the earthquake and 24-year-old Wismond Jean-pierre who was rescued last Saturday, 11 days after the roof of an Inn fell on him.

Many Haitian families are still holding onto hope that their loved ones may still be alive, let us through our little prayers support them for miracles to happen.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon summarized it all when he said ".....people buried under the rubbles are still alive, we must save them....." what other ways can we who are unable to be physically present there help them than through our prayers.

The United Nations itself has confirmed that 36 of its employees are dead while 200 are missing.

The Salestian Information centre reported that about 200 pupils are still buried in the Salesian house of Port-au-prince Enam.

The Montano hotel was reported to contain 300 people at the time of the quake out of which 100 escaped leaving behind 200 people. 23 survivors has emerged from the rescue effort so far which tells us that about 170 are still therein some of which may still be alive.

An Artine pierre was reported as still sending text message from where she was buried in the rubble at Universite Caraibes.

In Bel-Air, there are 7 nuns still alive under the rubbles, they were praying with their students in the chapel.

Evelyn Bourdeau is still alive under the rubbles of City Bank Delmas.

Daphnee Sylvestre and her 2 months old baby are under rubbles in her car in carrefour marotie're

Paul Cameau is still alive under the rubbles at Oswald Durand.

3 Philippine soldiers on a peace keeping mission in Haiti are still reported missing.

Countless Haitians are still under the rubbles of their homes, the thought of these people waiting and waiting under those rubbles and dying slowly and painfully tears at my heart. It goes to show that many are still passing away right under the rubbles daily since the earthquake took place. If you can find it in your heart, fix in your own 6 hours fast to suit you as soon as you finish reading this. It is true that lots of days and time has passed after the quake and hope is seeming lost but let us still make this one last effort. Let us pray for their rescue in whatever way we know how to, whatever denomination, creed or religion we belong to and whatever God we believe in. Let us draw out our hearts to those living souls still in anguish that succour may come to them soon enough. Amen

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Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

I pray a constant prayer for all that suffer both

physical and spiritually,of both male and female gender's.

The time have come that we all shall be tried in the spirit.

Let us all pray for each other.

Helena 6 years ago

God is wonderful and is still doing miracles, i saw in the Telly about the teenage girl that survived 14 days under rubbles yester evening. May God be praised

Brian 6 years ago

God is alive indeed, glory be to his name!

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