Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng Shui, pronounced "Feng Shway" is an ancient Chinese knowledge that examines the natural and 'built' environment. Literally meaning wind and water, the world of Feng Shui is an amalgam of ancient Chinese mathematics, interior design, architecture and simple rules of good management. It is a popular practice that is being applied to homes and to workplaces in order to create a balanced environment. Learn more about this ancient practice and here are some tips on Feng Shui. Learn more about decorating houses and offices. Understand the meaning of the various elements of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Decoration

Do not forget your garden when you are trying to ensure a flow of positive energy in your home. The balance principle is also valid here. Storage solutions such as shelves and overhead cabinets are a Feng Shui no-no. Talk to a Feng Shui consultant before starting the redevelopment of your decoration. The ideal place for the kitchen is at the back of the house. Hiding your garbage can cause a negative Chi. Avoid confrontation between elements such as water and fire, in one place. This can cause discussions.

When deciding to make a Feng Shui decor, whether in home or office you can use various Feng Shui elements such as lighting, placement of furniture, mirrors and landscaping, to optimize human potential in a healthy environment. The Feng Shui can help in healing the mind, through the placement of certain objects and products that balance energy levels and redirect the harmful energies.

Edges and angles are not part of Feng Shui as it is considered a destructive influence. The simple bamboo plant, which is green, is a symbol of good luck and is popularly used in decorations of Feng Shui.

Place a concave Ba Gua mirror in your home. It is a plane mirror with eight sides and nine Guas (representing the nine treasures of life, or sectors), each with a specific meaning to a part of our lives. The mirrors are used to deflect negative energy or poison arrows.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

  • A Feng Shui bedroom must have a big bed, bigger than the person who sleeps there. Sleeping in a bed that is small will restrict your potential for success.
  • Must have a wall behind to provide good support.
  • Paintings of wild beasts and war or objects with sharp edges are avoided. It is a good Feng Shui practice to sleep with a picture of mountains behind you.
  • A light illumination, creates a suitable environment for a bedroom and can be placed on bedside tables.
  • Practitioners of Feng Shui do not put pictures of their loved ones in the bedroom.

Some Feng Shui principles to be applied to bedrooms:

  • Do not put live plants, live fish and large mirrors in the bedroom
  • Never put clutter under the bed
  • Do not place reflective surfaces facing the bed
  • The pink or red, improve your luck in romance

With these decorating Feng Shui tips in your bedroom, you can now enjoy all the positive energy that exists at that division. Enjoy and read our other articles on Feng Shui to complete your decorating ideas and learn more about this ancient Chinese practice. Have a positive energy!

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